Known bugs & new features


This topic will be regularly updated with (i) known bugs in the current version you’re playing and (ii) fixes, additions, etc. already implemented in the upcoming version (which is not yet available).


  • Looped sounds (UFO engines, energy beams, etc) will keep on playing even after they should stop. We haven’t managed to reproduce this, if this happens to you let us know immediately.
  • Wormholes will be clipped incorrectly if you zoom in too close.
  • Mission music will keep playing if you’re disconnected while Alt-Tabbed away.
  • Sometimes mouse warps to the center of the screen when you close the in-game pause menu.


  • Supernova missions now drop keys (@cook1ee :medal_military: Bug)
  • Bossa Nova: Chunks spawned by boss no longer count in stats (@Nikito :medal_military: Bug)
  • Existing charity bonuses are now taken into account when awarding Charity (@Orandza :medal_military: Bug)
  • Messages are no longer colorized when “User Interface” color is customized @ChickenInvader45 :medal_military: Bug)
  • Added “default” button to color customization (@gabytzu :medal_military: Idea)
  • Progress bar text outline is now opaque to improve text legibility under certain color combinations (@RoboCat :medal_military: Bug)
  • Trip buttons now continuously check whether player has enough fuel (@cook1ee :medal_military: Bug)
  • Supernova mission chunks’ health now depends on mission difficulty (@Traveller :medal_military: Idea)
  • Added dark/light text customization option (@matix524 :medal_military: Bug)
  • Added Mission HUD glow color/size to customization options (@who?)
  • Notifications can now be disabled in galaxy and/or mission (@ans1382 :medal_military: Idea)

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