Early Access version 121

that’d be really weird and won’t really do much in the long run

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Some people like it.


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:bulb: Cost of renaming spacecraft is now 30 keys (was 75) (@VerMishelb :medal_sports: Idea)

When did this suggestion happen btw?

I’m having trouble finding that suggestion on the forum.

This perhaps.


what is this for?

Could this guy get the medal as well?

More Android support

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Sorry for the stupid question, but are Budget Constraints supposed to drop gifts?

it aint weapon training

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Thanks, I didn’t remember.

I can’t change that, due to how the wave is constructed.

They are considered to be bullets. None of the bullets have vanishing effects.

Will do.

Poll it.

I’d have to change the wave’s construction to do this. Besides, I think ziz-zagging would actually make it harder to obtain.

Yeah, no. Most of these aren’t applicable to CIU anyway. Anti-Aliasing is irrelevant since you can’t see the edges of any polygons, Texture Filtering requires true 3D (slanted polygons) to male any measurable difference, and bloom requires render-to-texture, which I don’t yet support.

Floating-point numbers have a positive and negative zero (don’t ask). Because what one person gains the other one loses, the sign is flipped on one of the messages. Anyway, won’t fix.



Current quest standings:

Quest rank # of players
Janitor 71382
Janitor● 2387
Janitor●● 1031
Janitor●●● 754
Janitor●●●● 1827
Ensign 226
Ensign● 200
Ensign●● 131
Ensign●●● 22
Ensign●●●● 72
Lieutenant 29
Lieutenant● 35
Lieutenant●● 9
Lieutenant●●● 13
Lieutenant●●●● 10
Commander 11
Commander● 6
Commander●● 4
Commander●●● 4
Commander●●●● 0
Captain 2
Captain● 1
Captain●● 2
Captain●●● 1
Captain●●●● 4
Commodore 2
Commodore● 1
Commodore●● 2
Commodore●●● 1
Commodore●●●● 2
Rear Admiral 0
Rear Admiral● 0
Rear Admiral●● 1
Rear Admiral●●● 1
Rear Admiral●●●● 0
Vice Admiral 0
Vice Admiral● 1
Vice Admiral●● 0
Vice Admiral●●● 0
Vice Admiral●●●● 0
Admiral 0
Admiral● 1

Alright, poll time then. Should the Halloween version of the CI5 music theme be available in the shops (even after Halloween has passed)?

Add CI5 Halloween music in shops?
  • Yes
  • No

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An even better solution: Play it on YouTube.


Nice, I’m still in the Top 5!

Janitor :sunglasses:


Given that we might not be able to see Halloween edition in future, as it was said before, having that music in store would be nice.

Which also made me realise that there is no option to buy CI5 soundtrack, only CI3+CI4, because…?


Would it be possible to add in the rarity scale next to the ship name in the Mission Config screen? It’d help with identification if you have another ship with a different rarity.

In this image, the 404 in this config is a Legendary rarity, but I also have a Rare 404 in my fleet, which can make it confusing as to which one is in use in this config. Next to the ship name, there can be the diamonds that denote the ship rarity.

I found a bug about musics in mission config (Unexplainable) watch this: