CIU version 146 BETA

This is what I’m considering now. Corns/Popsicles only appear in CI5, so it would be weird if a corn kernel suddenly turned into a mostly unrecognizable item. I’ll probably separate the CIU popcorn from the CI5 popcorn.


So the popcorn from the Corn Shotgun won’t be popsicle chunks?

If so would my previous idea of the ice cream toppings work for the Corn Shotgun popcorn, or just make it mini popsicles?

Also will the music change in Summer Editon?

I have a new wave suggestion for you so i was thinking about something i named it ‘sushi roulette’ ill send the pic too so its like rolling a sushi but with chickens the pic

So chickens spin like this enemies can be harder with ssh

I wonder who made this idea? Someone.

let me suggest
make it wear summer hat with some chicks wear sunglasses and hats
and maybe cover it with suncream?

maybe no

You have better hand writing than I do🤣



v.146.4 is now available.

:arrow_down: Download the BETA from:


I suggest the Jellyfish boss from CI5 Summer Edition wears (at least) a pirate captain hat. Very fitting for a jellyfish boss that is encountered underwater. Oh, and maybe add to it an eye patch? And make the boss look blue instead of pink to make it look like it’s drowned, with sea plants all over it?


How could be the shape of a egg transform into the circle shape of a coconut like this?

Due to the different shape and a half Coconut (not an original coconut), now the hitbox when player shoot to them is very strange, even than other themed bosses for other season.

Well, if this coconut is still an intant coconut (i mean, the time the coconut isn’t divided into two half coconuts), i think it would look better.

In CIU v146.4 CI5U summer edition, I think Popsicle (Corncob) texture default is horizontal, the top of the cream is on the left, the outside ice cream stick is on the right. So I need flip 180 dergee or flip horizontal texture then then the direction of float up and do an U-Turn is very correct. Especially in wave 48 and Coop’s corn launch attack.

Why these dead chicks aren’t themed?

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No point in theming dead bodies

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This guy is now a Plastic Manipulator


Also, could you fix Feather Brain going Cross eyed in the normal edition as well?

Also, I have a crazy idea for reskinning Bossa Nova, if the Comets got turned into pineapples…

Why not turn Supernovas into Mango/Mango chunks? :mango: :mango: :mango:



Something unexpected was happened with the popcorn of the Corn Shortgun weapon in Christmas and Halloween content, since popcorn (CI5) at Christmas (and Halloween) is themed until now (now we have the 3rd season is Summer).
Anyways, take a look at this:

This is only happened when you play as Christmas or Halloween season content.

(we will miss the themed popcorn for Corn Shortgun very much, since it’s the only case that a weapon is themed in a season content)


Popcorn bullet texture error crop when using Corn Shotgun to overheat.

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