Early Access version 109


well then iA will fix it or not?

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I don’t think so.

As some have said, I also noticed that the Bullet Rain wave is hard. You have very little chance of surviving while you shoot through barriers to guns that will most likely kill you. It is necessary to reduce their speed and it is desirable to facilitate access to them. Also, reduce the rate of fire in the “Treasury” wave.


Hello, @InterAction_studios , can you look into these? (Idea)

That would remove incentive to have a CHL, so no.

Slow-firing weapons have a hard time burning paper.

That’s not technically possible.

They aren’t really “blind spots” when you (a) can hardly hit the enemy from there and (b) you’re in immediate danger of the green smokey projectiles

I’d have to make “pointless” variations of all those enemies. In any case, I’m not making minor tweaks to existing bosses right now.

Indeed, it’s not possible. Fixed in v.110 :medal_sports: Bug

Changed in v.110 :medal_sports: Idea

Not technically possible.

I don’t think it’s worth the effort (programming a suggestion “AI” is not trivial), and would ultimately restrict player choice.

Yes, but eventually the satellite returned once the screen stopped moving, correct?


I’ll need a poll verification before I can make any changes.



Make “Bullet Rain” slower and easier?
  • Yes
  • No
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Could you consider manually making more missions? Currently, two manually created missions in the game are Your First Mission and Invasion Anniversary. Some more manually created missions could be in the game just for fun, like:

  • Chicken Invasion of all new waves in CIU (most of them are player’s suggestions), every wave appears once

  • Chicken Invasion of all possible waves, every wave appears once

  • Boss Rush of all possible bosses, every boss appears once

  • Recreation of all 120 waves from Chicken Invaders 4 (the only game so far to have all of its contents implemented to CIU). It should require a CHL to play, because otherwise it will be absolutely pointless to buy Chicken Invaders 4.

It could appear in Heroes Academy as a list of missions on the left side, and they may require a CHL to play because they are… special.


Replace “Anniversary” button with “Courses” and put the missions like your suggestion and it’ll work

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And gifs about the features of ships and special weapons can be added so that there is at least some idea of what you will buy?

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I’d rather spend the time to create a mission editor (do not take this as confirmation that I will create a mission editor)

I don’t have the bandwidth for that. It’s also a maintenance nightmare.


IA, you didn’t answer that .

Okay, then is it possible to somehow add a test button for the ships? When pressed, a special mission opens where you can test the ship and its capabilities. For example, a damage counter and firepower (you can add firemen unlimitedly) as well as weather conditions? It would be interesting before buying. Also, before opening a special mission, you can choose special weapons and other add-ons that affect the game.


“don’t eat it” - I think IA warned you not to eat it due to the lack of information about it


is there a way to disable this frame duration history, if not can it be added

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Suggested but he declined, saying it was a maintenance feature. He said just disable the fps counter.


@InterAction_studios Why does the shield not appear in the spacecraft customization screen?

I get it, i must join a mission to see the color of it. But it would be neat to see it right in the customization screen, so i know which color fits the most.

And it could probably have it’s own button to toggle on and off.


While we’re on the subject of shields, how about making the shields themselves customisable, like in TNW, ROTY and COTDS?



I bring you all 2 already suggesteds™


Idea: When you destroy UCOs the chicken thats controling it will come out and then you will be able to kill it.

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