Early Access version 76

iA, how about adding Double Team missions in the League? They can have a maximum of 5 waves, the difficulty can be lower than 50% too, and to send it both players have to have a CHL. Environments are disallowed.

This gonna require a pain of code since SS can’t below 40%/50%

The difficulty bar is a thing, so it’s not gonna be that hard, I think.

I think someone suggested in before and denied.

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You’re doing that on purpose.


The best example to Big Chicken is 120th Anniversary boss, it moves fast according to difficulty. So please apply this change but only for Double Team:

Also could you add “Most recent score” in-case your recent score wasn’t the best one:

I did:

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If so, the score leaderboard for each mission will have to be reset again

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Hey I found a bug at Anonymize Player (On) Stats
CIU 2021-04-07 23-46-47-87

his per hour still not locks
Still. Fix or Won’t Fix


iA, how about adding a limit of how many times you can dare a single person within a span of 2 WEEKS in League? This way to prevent harassing and other shit (which is happening)

  • Yes
  • No

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How many
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • NO LIMIT. HAHA I FARM POINTS FROM A GUY I’M SO PRO :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

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But are friendly matches still unlimited?

(Voted 6 because it’s a span of TWO weeks)

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This will be much less of an issue with a larger playerbase, I should think. If the problem persists after EA perhaps it should be returned to, but I suspect it will sort itself out.


Friendly unlimited.

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Wat? Where’s his / her CHL?


It was removed in this update

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I have a question:
Will you plan to add some new paint designs and effects for the spacecraft in the future? Or not?


@InterAction_studios, here’s a bug I’ve noticed:
When you choose a translation, the text simply fades in and then out,
Screenshot (375) Screenshot (376) Screenshot (377)
instead of being compressed or being wider.


Tentative guess, but that’s probably not a bug. I assume it’s because some languages might cause issues with that effect, though I can’t think of specific reasons why.

Now iA is probably going to come along and prove me dead wrong, aha


It’s better to ×10 the max number of dares for CHL players like others?

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Have been reported by me

Should he have?

Yes because it is Ironman Competition

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About the key packs:

This is optional, but I’d like to suggest a few changes to the key yield to make them juicier(?).

Small: 2,000 -> 2,500 keys. (1.99)
Medium: 7,000 - > 9,000 keys. (3.99)
Large: 15,000 -> 20,000 keys. (5.99)

The somewhat less optional:
Chicken Hunter License: Add an “Eternal Gratitude” part?

Speaking of which, remember that roadsign in Chicken Invaders 3? (Chickens invaders 2 sign)
I figured it would be a nice touch to add such roadsigns on the roads of the interstellar highways, or on star systems if that’s easier. Have them reference other games, advertise various store items, tell you to have lunch at Space Burger, etc.

You can enter orbit with them, but they won’t have anything. Nothing to buy, nothing to sell, nothing to do. Just something for you to stare at.