CIU version 137

The Coward Chicken can’t look the player too.

Wait, I thought Coward Chickens always look away from the player.

Actually, his mean is the Toxic Chicken’s neck
Let me zoom in like this:

I marked by the red lines, where Kes wanted to say like above

definitely have a space between the head and the body

Hey iA. Can you make a cutscene/text poem for CIU’s intro? Just so that it goes along with the episodes (despite it’s a spin off)

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did you read this?

now what he getting mad.

Hey Interaction Studios I have A Question for you (and for others) why the planetary “artifical recovery” missions has released in ci5 but deleted in ciu please answer also should we get them back ?

Getting Artifical Recovery Missions Back?
  • Yes
  • No

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I noticed something weird with the legs between the ci4 turkey boss and the ciu turkey boss, so I don’t know if IA changed it in CIU or it’s a bug but please fix it because it looks bad cuz it supposed to be up and not down like that.

iA can you add a message when the host kicks you out of his room/game? Just a dialog box with this message “PlayerName kicked you out of MissionName”.

Actually… there are a lot of thing missing in these seasonal contents which iA already knew but add in game maybe break the game btw :<

There may be DLCs soon, so yes.

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I know and I hope IA can fix them especially the thingsgiving edition cuz it has a lot of things missing.

What about bringing back the easter bunny too?
(I know a lot of work but will look cool actually)

  • Oh yes! good old days…
  • Ehh… no idea
  • No

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Ordinary Chicken (Regular/Military), Drone Chicken, Pilot Chicken and Metal Chicken can’t replace into bunnies. Even in Thanksgiving Edition, can’t replace into Turkeys too.

ah yes, artifical recoveries

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I wish I could mod it but I can’t do that either and it’s sad that they will stay like this forever.

yeah that’s a point too
but if ai can just make new 3d models, why not

i think its a bit impossible but i hope so.

What Wrong That Made You Use The " No " Choice In Voting? Artifical Recovery Missions May Add A Improved And More Fun Gaming And They Are Four Types:Underwater,Gamma Chton,Ice Planet,Going To Earth. They Are Good Arent Ya? Also If Ia Added Them Should We Make Every Type In Every Planet? Like:Gamma Chton:Every Random Planet,Ice Mission:Frozen Planets,Underwater Dive:Gas Giant,Going To Earth:Any Planet Likes The Earth And Similar In Look,Would You like those types if they are added?

You Liked The Idea?
  • Very Much…
  • No Idea…

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