Early Access version 81

At this point someone needs to make a database of all ideas that iA shot down

i think iA usually ignores comments to ideas he’s already rejected, but idk. It would take a bit of time to list that

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also, i’m having a problem where i can’t screenshot CIU while in full screen (this is on the steam version, but i remember being able to do this)

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Have you tried F9(it saves your screenshots in your save data folders)?

I guess, but asking again doesn’t hurt.

Or… Why not just add quips like: “Ugh, systems are down… again!” or “Argh, not again…”. Since “chronologically” hero fights this Henperor second time.

If iA says it’s not necessary, then I won’t judge ¯_(ツ)_/¯


No, it’s actually useful because if more users suggest the same idea iA could add it.

Agreed, instead of the same quips.

Ik it’s unnecessary but you should post “Added to v.82” on its topic so it can be easier for users to find it and have a look at it.

Speaking of this are you adding “Bullet Hell” as a variant of “Bullet Rain”?


Hey, is it possible to apply filtration to the edge of cut texture? (life bar here looks sharp)


If I am correct "I’ll be back” boss that’ll be added in the next version will be in Retro missions, leaving Droid Raid missions the only type that has one boss.

Ik iA is planning to add a second boss to Droid Raid mission along with Iron Chef.

Now what boss type would you want to be added in Droid Raid missions:
  • A Droid boss type.
  • Another Chef(Iron Chef brother)(different appearance&attacks).
  • A Burger boss type.
  • Other(reply it).
  • No need for another boss.

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Also iA why isn’t “Caged Animals” wave named “Caged Birds”? There’re only birds in there(chickens to be specific).

Could you prevent 2 squadrons from having the same name:


I hope there will be another Chicken Multiplicity Boss to be added soon (someone suggest this already)

Is this behavior of the henterprise intended?

(This happened in all the phases)

-This is an league dare at 100% Difficulty
-Pro gamer mode was enabled

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I thought this was addressed before? Although they have different capitalization so they were considered unique names.


It was a buff for henterprise to prevent you from cheesing the henterprais

But yes, that fast attack look weird


I think it is “The Mother-Hen ship” but with another shape.

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This is on bullet spray

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Maybe Retro missions can now have 2 stages perhaps, with this boss being first since it’s called “i’ll be back”
But im hoping there are some new attacks if thats the case, because if not then it’s not really something that new. I would’ve preferred ninja chick over this

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I already reported that though
(Bullet Spray wave: Fixed wrong hero quip (@christian_f :medal_sports: Bug)


oh nevermind then

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idk about this but @InterAction_studios

A member joined
but this still shows up

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This is already a common issue at all, since many have reported this one (incl. me)

Invite me :smirk_cat: