Early Access version 107

Changed in v.108 :medal_sports: Idea

I could, but I’d rather not add yet another option.

Changed in v.108

No, because the helix twists anyway, so any initial ordering will eventually be reversed.

Sorry, the changelog was incorrect:

  • cloud/stasis CAN be destroyed by special weapons
  • Toxic clouds and stasis (slow-down) zones are no longer instantly destroyed by Barbequer/Absolver (flasks still are). Instead, they progressively shrink in size as they are damaged.

This is indeed a kerning issue, but it can’t be changed now (the logo has been trademarked)



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IA are you gonna fix the looping bug?

About this feature:

:bulb: Added visual effect when bullets are destroyed by Barbequer/Absolver

it’s from my suggestion Vanishing effect for removed projectiles

Sadly, this isn’t an optimal solution for avoiding guaranteed deaths in multiplayer, so the time window suggestion is still relevant.

No, he won’t fix it.

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ok fire

Can Absolver & Barbequer make the flask explode and release Stasis when hit?

i don’t understand

Excuse me @InterAction_studios

Can you add pecking order of wave : Cloudy with eggs?

Maybe I can’t translate wrong :pensive:


Why is this a multiplayer-specific issue? What’s different from single-player?

There wouldn’t be much point in that.

I can’t, due to how the wave is constructed.


Because some veteran players might defend toxics clouds being a problem in certain waves and yolk star, by bringing up the topic of proper firing discipline, which IMO just doesn’t fit the chaotic nature of CIU.

Firing discipline just goes out of the window when it comes to multiplayer, that’s why I prioritized multiplayer over singleplayer.

Can you add Pecking Order to Chicken Quadrants?

I can’t, due to how the wave is constructed.

Hm. I’ve made it so that even a single hit will cause the clouds/stasis to dissipate (although not instantly). This looks nicer and maintains a lot of the original behaviour.

Regardless, the way Barbequer blocks bullets has been problematic from the start, because the visual effect and the actual blocking are completely independent, so there may be discrepancies between them. I’m very surprised nobody has brought this up so far as a problem :sweat_smile:


That’s fine, Ill try to think of more ideas

I understand

I can understand the Barbequer, but why give the Absolver the same treatment? It already takes one second to fully charge the weapon so it can even destroy projectiles in the first place. Won’t making it so that the beam cannot one-shot toxic clouds anymore make an already mediocre weapon (which, in my opinion, is barely viable in Multiplayer as a support weapon) worse?

Idea:If you decline a dare, You lose 1 point.

First of all it’s a pretty decent weapon even outside of multiplayer, so long as you don’t get stuff like high speed chase and don’t want pecking order.
Second of all IA said they’d both one-shot puddles and clouds a few replies below.

Okay that’s better.