Early Access version 114

2 attempts, 1 as multi, 1 as single, the first shouldn’t be counted as an attempt but the second one should .

I will try to find evidence next weekly challenge.

good :+1:it does’t change the fact that this wave is awful…with brick breaker…the worst waves in the game HISTORY!!! faceted liked deal it :man_facepalming:
and since the game has 114 updates and still!!!.. in a early access fase make me think that you mr IA want to deliver the excellence as the best game available but those 2 waves has 0 excellence …no offense

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Good question.

There are 2 main reasons:

  1. Currently, you have to start any competitive mission with very specific weapons (Corn shotgun) in order to exist on the leaderboard.
    This is bad design, since it’s unintuitive; it also makes competitive play feel repetitive faster that it should be.

  2. ​It would encourage adaptive and far-sighted gameplay: all players, who can adapt fast and decide when switching weapons is worth to do, will be rewarded more.
    These are skills already needed to compete.

TLDR: It will reward players who play with a competitive mindset, without forcing them to play in an unintuitive way

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I agree, the most important mission for Wave Insights are Galactic Cup Hybrid knockout match.

It doesn’t really feel like it achieves that. I am unsure how you can really encourage far-sighted gameplay when you have no idea what you’ll get later on in a mission, it’s more like guessing rather than being adaptive.


Will this make people less travel? Since you just get the missions from assignments and multiplayers and don’t go anywhere.

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Time to settle this, once and for all?

Should Toxic Chickens be banned from On the Radar wave?

  • Yes
  • No

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Edit: Poll will close in 9 hours, be sure to let your vote count!

Why the votes will be shown when you close the poll ?

Truly, a question that I wish I could answer with Yes and No.


add Exclusion zone within.

there is an option a poll have where results will be shown once the scheduled close be done.

People with large community influence might lead to others voting for the same option.


I’ve never thought about it. Good point.

something about the retro missions…it allways the same waves type from begining to the end …it should be randomise a little…and the max number is 17 …it should be 15 like the other missions type!!

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rip invader crossing wave 15 and retro highway wave 16

And I wish IA would someday start adding new retro waves. Not just the Retro Highway one.

Should toxic also be removed from Exclusion Zone?

  • Yes
  • No

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Idea: Your choosen background will be applied to missions AND the entire galaxy.


So disappointed that the Clupea Harengus from CI3 isn’t back with the new food drops.

only sell in shady dealer

It’s here. You can’t find it in the store.