Early Access version 68.2

Ok, what about this one:

“Activity” and “time since last login” are different things. See here:


iA, I reported this but probably got sunken in the locked old topics: Changing your screen type/resolution when in a mission. Completing that mission will play a split second of the intense music and then ambient?

In “Henpire Ambush” wave if you kill all chickens you don’t get the clean sweep bonus (I think that feathers also count to enemies counter)

Confirmed. I tried fixing it but I made if worse :confused: Since it’s rare and probably a BASS bug, I’ll leave it untouched.

Fixed in v.69 :medal_sports: Bug


well that’s unfortunate. Also quote broke

also also

hmmm, could “Treasure Shower” better because treasures?


Or name it “Treasure Rush”? Or “Gift Rush” because it gives gifts and they are treasures. So IA choose from these both.

Or Gift Storm Event

Gift Rush is better because they act as a falling rush.

What About
Alien Container! Renamed

Alien container is the box that have satellites

Alien Container Wave Just Spawns A Safe (Container)
if they was any thing spawned with that
then we would do it

You’re right, I was thinking of CI3 Xmas. :medal_sports: Bug


Might there be some note if you get error message few times to avoid confusing players who just downloaded the game or this won’t happen as frequent to be worth doing this?

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Does that mean that Feathers will not count as primary enemies anymore?

It’s very rare (but not impossible) that this will happen again. If we’re out of Early Access, I’ll probably keep the old server up for a few days more just to notify the players. Steam isn’t affected by this problem because of auto-updating.


No. They’re still primary enemies – they just don’t affect stats.


maybe i haven’t been looking at my extra lives as often, but there is a weird thing that happens where i have 19 lives at the end of a mission, but then gain 1 or 2 extra when flying another one. Was there a change where empty slots get filed with extra lives automatically, or?

Uh You Get 1 Extra Life
Since if people are trying to do a mission unprepared

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No, 2 bosses in 8 waves. This duration is already in League mission, I suggested that it be at normal missions too if it isn’t.