CIU version 135

Just wanted to stone it, I’m now 99% sure that the lack of AD is because I’m in Russia, because I kept checking the VerMishTest account every so often and I’ve yet to see that blue rectangle change its contents to something that is not blue.

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At “Oops, wrong exit” wave, the coward chickens when being hit by lightning fryer, they going not into the portal right when turning back, instead they vanished into thin space.

I was afraid of that. Thanks for confirming.

Hmm… Fixed in v.136 :medal_sports: Bug

Actually, all player-avoiding or player-attracted enemies have the same problem. But I’ve only fixed it for Cowards. Otherwise, certain spacecraft placements would force other enemies to be permanently forced outside the portal.


help i need my account back my little brother used hack keys and i got banned my brother really sorry for that he loves playing chicken invaders everyday please he’s swear he’ll not use cheats again he’s sad cuz this only game he enjoys please bring it back the banned user of game is mohamedbaek

Just wait out your ban month.


What about the Slob Chickens if it moves very slowly and disappears outside?

That was… a weird situation :joy:
Anyway, if you or anyone try to hack your CIU account and your account have been caughted by the anti-cheat system ; then there’s nothing you can do to unban your account other than wait, or create an new account if it pernamently banned.


This explained all of his situations.

My another account of google that i typed into ciu game says banned too

Why i got banned (1 month) in CIU, my account name is N.G.U.Y.E.N

On these particular waves, the Slob was fixed long ago. Where did you notice it disappearing?

I don’t see any ban for that account. I’ve restarted the server. Please try again and let me know if the problem persists.


Grammar mistake (maybe)

Instead of “to-dos” it should be to-do’s.
It is only a small mistake so I don’t think that it is important.

“to-do's” would mean that the said thing belongs to something or someone called “to-do”.
“to-dos” is the plural of “to-do”, where “to-do” is an entry in the to-do list.

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why are squadron missions unranked

Now i got unbanned. Thx

Idea: every time you play a mission again, this thing will turn to green, orange and red
During after 12-hour however, the color will be default. Playing mission again, this will turn green. And again, it will turn to orange. More than 3 times will turn this into red.

It’s not like a major thing, it just an indicator of how many time you have played over and over this mission again. I hope it’s not too hard to program it.

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Green would be confusing that they got a bonus from unoriginality

I suggest using grey, yellow, orange, red instead


10x more mission to do is

your grammar fix is a grammar mistake itself

What is this chaos for a grammar mistake? I have already mentioned in the post that it maybe a grammar mistake, not 100% sure.

That means that I may be wrong.

English is admittedly awful when it comes to creating plural of quasi-words. The apostrophe is grammatically incorrect (because it’s not a possessive), but I sometimes use it to visually separate out the singular word and therefore aid in pronunciation (don’t even get me started with that).

Example: Just looking at these words, how would you pronounce them?


I find the form no's and two's to have less ambiguous pronunciation. But even that has limitations. For example, which is better worse?

dos and don'ts
do's and don't's

I also use it in my code (which is necessarily plain text without formatting) when I’m trying to create plurals of e.g. class names. Chicken's means a lot of Chicken objects. Alternatively, I sometimes write <Chicken>s. In cases where formatting is available I’d write Chickens. This is my own convention, there’s no grammar rule that supports it.

Anyway, I considered both options and I think to-dos is marginally better in this case.