Early Access version 116

@InterAction_studios How did this new user report in a closed topic?


From the CI Discord server:

  • :bulb: Multiplayer: Charity for a player is now removed whenever that player leaves game (@Starbrockle @damhaiyen :medal_sports: Idea)

Can I get medal


kinda late but :


I see every pointless chicks still drop food

In the next version, they won’t anymore:

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Chill chicken on hot planets seems to be fine,.

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“It’s cold in space” boss (the jacket chicken) lives in suns.

Point is: gameplay stuff doesn’t have to make sense, it just needs to be there to make the game better.
(Actually making gameplay stuff make real-life sense is the least important part in gameplay design)

It doesn’t work

v117 Suggestion: Bosses should drop more food/coins when they die in harder difficulties.

Gameplay-wise: take more risks, get more reward.
Higher difficulties means tougher bosses, more relentless attacks, so it should also reward more items to make it more worthwhile (food/coins wise).
Plus I find it a bit odd to have a beefier boss dropping the same amount of things as the non-beefed up versions.

Since you’re going to reset the point highscores in v117 anyway (due to the powerup exploit),
might as well take this as a chance to implement changes that would reset the point highscores anyway, right?

I flew both missions today and realized 1 thing.

The Recently section only has 1 Cup Group Match task displayed.



No. It’s not bug

uh how?

also did you save and restart

A suggestion:

Remove Phoenixes from waves that close you in. This is to prevent coolant wastage and potentially overheat chains due to having either no way to dodge them, or not being able to kill them due to auto-rotate.

Example: Pulsating Grid, Chicken Roulette, Shooting Range, etc

Should Phoenixes be banned from waves that enclose you? (like Palpitating Grid)
  • Yes
  • No

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Another Suggestion: Make Chillers able to regenerate snowballs like Phoenix Fireballs.

Should Chillers be able to throw more than just one snowball?
  • Yes
  • No

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it’s pointless for chiller to throw another snowball as it is harmless.

Slowing you down isn’t harmless and can be devastating sometimes. Especially when you have Chickenaut hordes.

I know they slow you, but I didn’t find a moment where they could be dangerous if got hit by it. chillers are harmless when in large numbers because they barely make you easy target to other chickens which are in low numbers. same thing still applies when they are in low numbers.


These can’t be farmed, because there is a per-wave limit.

There is some confusion here because there are two separate reasons for disabling food drops from pointless chickens.

  1. Competitive missions only: drops by dynamically-created enemies desync the randomizer, so missions aren’t 100% repeatable between players, hence “unfair”.
  2. Both competitive and non-competitive missions: It’s possible to exploit top-10 mission leaderboards by sitting on a wave with pointless enemies for hours and collecting the points from the dropped food.

Initially, I thought that only (1) was important enough to address, but recently I had a a case of a player who did (2) for non-competitive missions, so that needed to be fixed as well.

I don’t know what/where that is.

Unsure how much of a problem this is, but it’s simple to add, so… added in v.117 :medal_sports: Idea

Adding yet another difficulty-dependant variable would get too messy.

That’s not happening. Any exploited scores will naturally disappear after 6 months.

Fixed in v.117 :medal_sports: Bug


It doesn’t need to be fixed, yes there are top-10 leadersboards for non competitive missions, but they are basically Non-Competitive missions, meaning they do not give more rewards regardless of any position taken in top-10. besides this exploit does not exist in all missions.

and for the multiplayer charity exploit. Multiplayers are already disqualified from leaderboards so it is also unnecessary to fix that. both are legal exploits.

if you want any poll verification for reverting the changes then I can make it.