CIU version 142 BETA

‘‘Hey look, It’s the Mother-Hen Ship! Crack that shell!’’ perhaps?

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I gave my thoughts about that when Orville replied to my poll about including the first MS.

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1- Before MHS does the homing attack, can there be a brief moment before it shoots said projectiles? (because I feel like dodging 20 projectiles while damaging it right in front of itself just to die to an unexpected homing attack is delusional).

2- MHS should drop something when it’s destroyed.

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entering CI2U seems to break faders in every other instance where they would normally appear, it’s weird
and the only way to fix it is to restart the game

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I got this idea in my head that now I can say:

When the CIU variant of CI2 mother hen loses health, the screen zooms out by 0.5% for every 1% of health it loses (or the easier way: screen zooms out 20% for every next phases it enter)

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apparently this is broken as the transitions aren’t used when exiting the CI stories (at first launch, it was broken when even starting the gameplay too, but after switch on/off pro-gamer mode (unsure if this affects) and with restarting the game, it works normally)
this affects to regular ciu missions too as it’s broken in both joining and exiting

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The CI2 Mother-Hen Ship doesn’t show a health bar, when the HUD Enemy Health Indicator is used.


Mother Hen-ship CI2 joined to Henpire team in CIU mission! (Arg, this boss need a better name in CIU wave, so it can be understandable to distinguish between 2 different Mother hen-ship, which is suggested above).

Father Hen-ship

Because this boss is added to CIU, so i think we should change something so it can apply as a boss in CIU, not using too much content from CI2 anymore.
1- Can Mother hen-ship drop a gift or a firepower after destroying the iron egg?
2- I see that the Mother hen-ship drop too much firepower than gift. So, i think when the boss get crack the eggshell each time, there will have a chance to drop gift (50%), instead of always dropping Firepower. This change could be possible to apply to CI2U.
3- When the iron egg explode, it should use the explosion animation and sound like other “inator” boss. Well, we could use the explosion animation and sound from Mysterious Ship, but at least that change the color of the explosion, so player can distinguish with the explosion animation of Mysterious Ship.
4- I still haven’t imagined this but… what if the shooting bullets sound using the sound like “Blast from the past” or UCO#3? Is it find to change like that?
5- In lower difficult, could all bullets be deleted after the Mother Hen-ship prepare to retreat out of screen? Don’t change this for CI2U.
6- Some people has complained about the annoying when the Mother Hen-ship get crack its eggshell. The most thing i notice that player don’t have enough time to against the chasing bullets when the Mother Hen-ship starting to attack to the player. It could be harder with BX user. I have 2 ways to change this:

  • Move the position of the Mother hen-ship on top for a little
  • When the the boss get crack to change to the homing attack, it should have a delay time, so player can prepare to dodge those bullets, like how @PlasmaX said above.

7- Although every single boss waves are the Mother Hen-ship CI2, but i wonder which difficult this boss start to appear? Is it as same as other villain? I can’t test this at the current BETA version, so i just want to ask this.
8- There is no any “contact” between Mother Hen-ship CI2 and each weapon. I don’t have enough knownledge about each type of weapon so i think i’ll let our forum suggest this: Making some weapon can damage the Mother Hen-ship stronger or weaker in 2 different phase (eggshell phase and ironegg phase). This change could be possible to apply to CI2U.
9- Can you increase the sound of the Mother Hen-ship when starting the boss wave? It’s too low to hear it as a warning sound.

A question for other things: Will you plan to add all remain waves from CI3 and CI2 to CIU mission? And also the Military Chicken boss (“Show’em who’re boss!” from CI2), i don’t mind to the big chicken from “Fight!” wave, because this chicken boss is similar as a boss that have already ingame, in CIU mission.


i still want them to be added into the game, bcs, why not? Their movements’re different from the others ingame.

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Smh i got an UCO instead of Momma ship

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Read this.

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Also read this.

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So Mother Hen-Ship boss CI2 can super firerate is awful in Maximum Difficulties Super Star Hero.

add this in dt

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perhaps use “So, we meet again, egg!” as the boss subtitle

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Due to 2 these changes, is this existed to hear “CI2 Victory music” track from wave to boss in a Chicken Invasion mission? Like this:

(I want to ask everyone’s opinions here about this)

So remove it CI2 Victory Music potential mission already music boss.

It’s on potential mission music list, so it may have an equal chance of appearance.

This is exactly what I’ve been suggesting in the v.141 thread…