Early Access version 117.2

Speaking of infiny, could their fence use the green beam (only for them, all other beams still use purple)


Wow, I used to HATE the BX series for these fights against the Yolk Star™️.

One minute: rapidly firing laser cannon, dealing over 30,000 DPS
next two seconds: crash
failing music plays

They’re just too slow, and I can’t spend like 120 keys PER MISSION just foe this.

Isn’t the seven beam variant of the Death Star (So I use the “proper name”, sue me) for difficulties over 120%? It stands to reason that the second stage would have the yolk zipping around. I wouldn’t say its a bug.

That’s how spacecraft balancing works.


I don’t mean beam bond color.

I don’t think it makes sense anymore that the Daily Mission is still called that way, since it’s not as “daily” as it used to be at launch.

I think the mission should be renamed as “Classic Challenge” or something similar.

I know this is a very minor change, but it may be necessary to avoid confusion for new players, who may think that they can get the daily challenge medal only by winning daily missions and not with any of the others.


Speed’s useless in a fight like this where you hardly have any space to move anyways. But perhaps big hitbox is the one you should be blaming, tho yolk star is still perfectly doable with it.


What about No live challenge?

The challenge is about no lives, no damage for you. Avoid enemy projectiles carefully.

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There are so many waves that never stop until you kill all the chickens , so no. How can i pass the wave if i don’t shoot the chickens ?


Can the “Fenced In” wave have a Danger Zone on all 4 sides?

Είκοσι means twenty in greek.

Simply just ban these waves from the challenge. However, it will take time to filter out waves that all enemies escape (so you just need to dodge and wait). Moreover, doing them will take so long that the challenge will be rather boring and frustrating, so it should contain less waves. I think comet chases are already brutal enough even with extra lives.

Uh ok
I was originally going to suggest adding more special stage to the original Daily Mission. I mean: This don’t need to be a type of Daily mission, this just a special stage with randomize to each difficult but with lower daily probabilities than CI stage, like: Comet, Supernova, Meteor,…
Example: In some day, each difficult will be:

Easy: Meteor Storm
Intermediate: Chicken Invasion
Hard: Feather Field

This is just my opinion. And idk do everyone agree with this, but seem like everyone still not boring in the original Daily Mission at the moment (following to my poll), so… I won’t remind this again. Thank you!

Because I was using it on MASSIVE environments at a speed of only 3.00m/s.

iA, why at “Hairpin Turn” the barriers don’t disappear until you destroy the container? I miss lots of food and gifts because of this. Can you make barriers+container disappear after you destroy all enemies?(like any other wave)

There was a suggestion similar (not exactly the same) to this before:

And IA’s answer on it:

“It’s not meant to disappear on that wave”.

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Added to v.118

Hmm,… I’ve renamed it to “Today’s Scramble” because Scrambling (military) - Wikipedia and you know,… eggs. Changed in v.118 :medal_sports: Idea

I think a significant percentage of players already do that in most missions. The rest will complain that it’s too hard.


Not all safeboxes disappear automatically and, as @minasam123 said, “It’s not meant to disappear on that wave”. However, if there is strong poll support, I can change this.


v.118 UPDATE

ETA Friday 19 Aug 2022 08:00-10:00 GMT Due to the Galactic Cup finals taking place on Friday, update has been postponed until Saturday 20 Aug 2022 08:00-10:00 GMT


Also, for those of you that missed it, I’ve uploaded a new video to YouTube:

Don’t take this seriously – I was working on a new visual effect for curving projectiles and I was rather pleased with how it came out. There aren’t any plans to put it in the game, but it’s possible that it will appear in the future as a boss attack or a special weapon or a developer-exclusive multiplayer weapon.


Since the Daily Mission will be renamed to “Today’s Scramble”. Can the Weekly Challenge be renamed to “Weekly Scramble” or “Weekly Grilling” or roasting.

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