Early Access version 101.2

okay, sorry for the mistake.

it doesnt even fit in the context pls stop


No, it’s a slot on the spacecraft blueprint, similar to Reactor/Engine/Heatsink/Weapon slots.

This is expected. It’s an implementation limitation, I wouldn’t call it a bug.


What about something like Perks? Another single slot where you can mount a small boost that can help you in missions. They will be permanent and will not disappear when used.

They can be unlocked by reaching certain tiers, certain medal counts, buying them in a Heroes Academy, total food collected, total kills, or whatever you could come up with

Not all perks will have a drawback, but those that do, might have better effects. These perks will mostly come from Heroes Academy (You buy these with keys, and they always have a drawback of sorts.)

Also, you can only equip one perk at a time anyway, and some of them can be hard to unlock. I’d say that is enough of a drawback for those without a drawback.


Gold Digger: Slightly increased key drop rate. (Or a 10% equipment perk in results)
Unlocked by reaching Tier 10.

Voracious: Enemies have a chance to drop two food items on kill. Does not apply to Competitive Missions. Unlocked by having 100,000 food units on hand.

Bullet Dodger: 10% reduced hitbox size. Unlocked by reaching Tier 30.

Space Sprint: Slightly increased movement speed wherever applicable. (As much as a single jet)
Unlocked by reaching Tier 40.

Space Ninja: Increases your damage output by 5%. Unlocked by dealing a total of 100,000,000 damage. (Or reaching Tier 80)

Pressurized Projectiles: Makes enemy projectiles 20% faster, but you earn 10% more score. Does not apply to Competitive Missions.
Unlocked by purchasing in a Heroes Academy for 1,100 keys. (Or by having 100 Elite Mission trophies)

White Knight: You can never drop below 2 Firepower. Unlocked by killing a total of 1,000,000 chickens. (Or by reaching Tier 50)


The idea to make a type of overdrive a part of equipment system sounds very interesting. It probably won’t be easy to immediately get right so that one option is not generally better than the other ones though. That said, first three options you listed sound very reasonable to me, especially the third one. “Food overdrive” might finally be something that will give food a real use.

However I kinda am skeptical when it comes to food interacting with special weapons. Hmm, sure, it was a thing in previous games, but idk I am not sure if this kinda mechanic will fit well with CIU and the in-game economy. I personally feel that special weapons being things one just needs to buy and use, work pretty well the way they are right now. (Although I might have some simple ideas how we could spice special weapons up a bit, I could elaborate on that if you’re interested)

There is also this idea that has been circling around for quite a while among my friends, that collecting food would replenish ammo of one’s equipped satellites, and the alien container would just drop ammo crates, or something like this. You know, to give satellites a more active gameplay or something. Depending on your plans regarding satellites, maybe something like this could use a slot in the system you described (or even be a new behavior of satellites in general?). IMO unlike interacting with special weapons, this kinda doesn’t screw with market and game economy too much, so idk there might be some potential here.


Does it work for missions that drop keys every wave?

It’s so good, would love to see something like that soon

Well I suggested sharing keys in multiplayer literally months ago, also booster slot in 102 is +1 from me

Already reported.

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@InterAction_studios, apparently, you can fly one Squawk Block mission over and over again with low difficulty to farm waves flown for 4 medals: Busy Bee Accolade, Daily and Weekly Hard Worker and finally VCSA. I suggest the game should count time instead of waves for all 4 medals above (how much will be determined by @InterAction_studios via a poll) so that it cannot be farmed and it rewards the most active player with most time legitimately played each day. For extra measures to prevent AFK players from exploiting time flown, maybe the game will kick players out if they stand still in-game for 30 seconds or however long @InterAction_studios wants (not counting pausing)

(just note you this: pls just mention aka ping him once)

Alright, noted

@InterAction_studios, there is a spot in ECCCC where you can hide completely from the bullets during the first and
partly during the third phase (the electric ring kills you at that spot)

*NOTE: the picture is CI4 but the spot is in CIU

It would be better to advance rather than to hide, which may waste time a lot, or if you were playing multi

But during the first phase you are completely invulnerable which makes it unfair for the boss

and you’re wasting time, what is it worth to hide anyway, if anything just pause the game

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iA mentioned that if you can do consistent damage at safe spot it has to be fixed. Can you?


You can still do damage to that boss while in that spot so it needs to be fixed

ah okay, i didnt thought anything about it
then should the texture of the boss change? or chickens should have more frequency at those areas

Just make the yellow slash orange bullets shoots that spot so that they can’t camp for the first phase
And when the cannon shoots eggs shotgun in the third phase, the eggs when coming out of the cannon should be a little wider than usual