Early Access version 107

Also what about telelporting?
You can see both NPCs and other players teleport around when they move.

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Can you make perking order easier to get In this wave? (Double Helix)

Or just wait until the Peking target goes down.

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I know, it might not be necessary or something, but there could be some achievement for dis
covering the entire star band, it’s quite a job if someone only plays the most difficult mode


:bulb: Toxic clouds and slow-down (“statis”) regions can no longer be destroyed by Barbequer/Absolver/special weapons (flasks still can)

If this change were to be added into the game, I strongly suggest there to be a nerf to the toxic clouds, because right now, with certain wave combinations like “The Strongest/Weakest Link”, “On the Radar” and “Corridor Shooter”, along with appearances in Yolk Star, are practically guaranteed death on multiplayer missions, which is never a good sign of competent game design.

The nerf is to add a time window for spacecraft to go through the toxic clouds, and no the existing coyote time isn’t enough for bombers to go through. The proposed time window would last somewhere between 2-3 seconds long.

Now there might still be the issue of spacecraft getting slowed down by statis regions which might fail to cross the toxic cloud on time. For that, I propose the time window to be doubled for spacecraft in statis regions.

This does require some further fine tweaking, but it’s better than the alternative of pretty much guaranteed death in multiplayer.

TLDR: Add a 2-3 second long time window for spacecraft to cross toxic cloud, double said time window when spacecraft is in statis region.

If you do have better solutions, be sure to let me know.

As always, may the forks be with you all!


at least make them smaller

if not, make them last half a second/a full second less


The CIU logo, the “V” and the “A” letter are far from each other but the other letter are close to each other

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Bad kerning.

What about double team missions? You can’t get through them without a license.

Too bad

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i am mad

Double Team Missions is an additional mission so you can probably have a medal without it

Idea: In the Shoot The Core! boss. Instead of it exploding, it will splat apple juice on the screen.

Changed in v.108 :medal_sports: Idea

I could, but I’d rather not add yet another option.

Changed in v.108

No, because the helix twists anyway, so any initial ordering will eventually be reversed.

Sorry, the changelog was incorrect:

  • cloud/stasis CAN be destroyed by special weapons
  • Toxic clouds and stasis (slow-down) zones are no longer instantly destroyed by Barbequer/Absolver (flasks still are). Instead, they progressively shrink in size as they are damaged.

This is indeed a kerning issue, but it can’t be changed now (the logo has been trademarked)



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IA are you gonna fix the looping bug?

About this feature:

:bulb: Added visual effect when bullets are destroyed by Barbequer/Absolver

it’s from my suggestion Vanishing effect for removed projectiles

Sadly, this isn’t an optimal solution for avoiding guaranteed deaths in multiplayer, so the time window suggestion is still relevant.

No, he won’t fix it.

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ok fire