CIU version 138 BETA

Welp. Better fire up the editor again, then :roll_eyes:


Hello iA

Trolled hard

Though I knida prefer boulders non-collidable



v.138.6 is now available.

Note that his will be the last BETA before the official v.138 release.

:arrow_down: Download the BETA from:


hey what is this
about sure from removed in ci5 for something.


i don’t know. say modified or remove from ci5 i think.

note that his

It’s a warning which warns you that CI5U could be modified or removed in the future,
It could stay in CIU however it would most likely be as a paid DLC

why on wave 2 charity early during 0 firepower :zap:

because it’ll help you beat the wave faster and not suffer

yes made it.
revert from +40% skill boi.

Is there something wrong with Absolver Beam sound at max power? Felt like it was too high.

I saw how the Earth darkens in the first castcene, but in the castcenes before and after chapter 11 it is bright again, despite the fact that there are still feathers in front of the sun.

Why did I get “Failed: Other side closed connection.”

After Hend Game in CI5? (Ver: 138.6.0)
Does it have something to do with the fact that I used Chapter Skipping?

you are skip chapters during other side closed connection
likewise some exploit and skip chapters repeat other waves any score are infinite every day or any keys during finish waves it won’t or any end of the cutscenes actually not work you using skip any chapters.

@InterAction_studios Despite the modification of the writing of numbers (in Farsi), the progress in the game map is still displayed in English.

Not work anymore

this happen before and after newest version
this didnt work on my 1st account it worked at my guest account
and the problem at my account is that i cant acsses it again
this happened at wave 41 in cluck of the darkside water level
so can you make my 1st account leave this mission because i cant asses it again
another thing this worked at the newest version this bug occured at old version and after update fixed but my account canot asses

btw iA, why the CI5 in Halloween Edition is very dark? Maybe it’s just me… idk

The original bg:-

In Halloween Edition, the bg is like this:-

kind of nitpicky but CI5’s hend game doesn’t need to drop powerups after it’s defeated
also CI5’s main theme plays for about 10 seconds during “THE END”, maybe it should keep playing the victory theme from the earlier cutscene instead