Early Access version 60

Hey everyone , just encounterd something weird (again)
I was going to Teanto’mwan. As in tier 35 , I cannot do that mission. Then I clicked missions , then the mission I couldn’t do. And appears this , the message but out of the box :

is this a bug?

Yes and it’s already reported:

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I like when the same bug get reported multiple times.

Fixed in v.61 :medal_sports: Bug


You mean v61, right? :wink:


Uh, may i ask why the medal goes to me?

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Look who I found.


Chatting place exist for this kind of post


I have a question. Will the key bonus that is the new one on the left added in the next version? And will we make the spaceship licensed in the next version?

Wait For Full Release Already

Licensed spacecrafts are already in the game.

Which one is the real one - winged lunarian?


Chatting place exists for this kind of post.

Chatting place exists for this kind of :pain:.

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Nice stalking

It’s obvious that mine is One-Winged Lunarian and not One-winged lunarian. iA, please remove that impersonator if possible.

And I don’t know which key bonus you mean. Please specify it.


There is another One-Winged lunarian in CIU?
Yeah I saw it.

I mean purchasing background.

Ok I saw the difference your is with the capital L and the other person is small l.

Pain When Someone Sees Your Name They Just Copy Their Name And Be The Impersonator

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