CIU version 136

And to prevent Apple from going “Nintendo” on IA. /s


Pilot Chickens are not Paintable! but always dark green.

Whoa. That guy is Bug

Dat. guy is Double layer at the Tail in Non CHL!

Then Compare This is no Double Layer! at Tail.

all settings was reset, including the saved accounts

@InterAction_studios this happens on starting CIU on winetricks

Please send me this file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\logs\cloud_log.txt

No clue. This fix might help, though, try it again in v.137:


@InterAction_studios do you think we need to change the description? In fact that ICBM when fired they’ll rapidly accelerate.

Acceleration is minor, and it doesn’t change the fact that they do indeed travel slowly. It’s fine as-is.


Bug or intended, this how see my works and give me medal or not.

Aren’t stars supposed to be blue when they exceed 10000K?

I do see a hint of blue in there but it’s mostly white


You are right. I just searched it and the answer was that stars that are 10000K are white and those who reach 25000K are blue.

I’d consider that a “significant” amount of blue. In any case, this is the color gradient used (top: corona, bottom: core) :



unfortunately the file seems to have been wiped, the error no longer occurs nonetheless

Their paintjob wont gonna reset until they’re online, so it is a known bug.

As you can see, I’m damaging Burgermeister, but the bar isn’t filling up, bug?

Nope. Eyes do not count on the progress bar.

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Since Eyes are secondary enemies now, they only play as a support role in a boss, you get each firepower for each eyes killed, they won’t counted on the % Bar.
Note: You don’t need to shoot the eyes to kill the boss, but if you wanna get more firepowers, then do it :smiley:

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That’s why


Hey @InterAction_studios “The Windmill” additional danger zone at middle unlike “Play Both Sides” and “Oops, Wrong Exit”.

I don’t think a danger zone (cue Kenny Loggins) for Windmill is necessary, in the same vein Fenced In has no warning zone. It’s blatantly obvious you shouldn’t be in the center.