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C’mon, at least test the new update.

bye bye

So you know about it? Good then.

but wait, it still didn’t release yet, so still it is bye or not

The known bugs and new features list got wiped, so it’s going to release.

What happen bro I can’t play :worried:

oof momento

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it’s Uptading

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Server went down

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Why, tho?? :joy:

The game is updating, I just said that above.

Because my joke style is to misspell something.

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But at least you know how to spell them properly right?

he says guys but writes gays
he says tasty but writes testy
he says tokus but writes takus
It’s no no-one else but the mighty @tamim121


OK, so here it is:


So they aren’t much because I got 1 idea medal for all the mirrored waves, so it doesn’t count as farming medals because it’s technically one idea. And I got 1 bug medal (I now have 17 bug & idea medals btw). And the last one is the “Busy Bee Accolade” which I got a question about it: how it could be awarded to more than one person at the same time? And I wasn’t even that active in my squadron (only yesterday).

Another question I got: gabytzu’s galaxy exploration is 99.50% so it’s not full and he got the medal, how?


Because I’ve recive the medal before the asteroids Belt so basically and practically 100% of universe exploration achived!


I wonder if you explored it 100.00% again, will you receive the medal twice?

Anyone noticed that the boss (and some waves) are the same at the 3 Daily Missions? Is it intended? Because it wasn’t like that before.



Mm. waddup

See ya around, qbus.

(You will miss the project that I’ve been working on if you leave, though. :wink: )