CIU version 137

Hold power button long enough to make an emergency shutdown Try task manager.

Is Superbird not supposed to “scream” when appearing in Multiplicity? I know he “screams” in his standalone fight and in a DT (haven’t confirmed a dual scream for such a situation).

Someone made that idea and it’s cool.

Yes (and it does)


yea cause it sound odd when it randomly play it for me
like using ci4 theme but ci3 victory music played lol

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Is it possible to disable/remove satellite weapons at the start of the mission codename “Cluck Of The Dark Side”? Because Alien Container appear in wave 5/15/25/45/65/85/95/104/109/115/119.

it’s a DLC, so no.

Personally, I disagree on this and it’s just feels out of place when putting it in the Heroes Academy so no need for that one

This already happens.


hey iA at asteroid from christmas content
they are asteroid didn’t have snowballs others any hot or frozen environments something is missing guess a bug.

This is correct. Frozen environments override the Christmas snowballs.


we dont need bomb here :slight_smile:

Yes. They from snowballs problably at hot and frozen environments but change about snowballs. the snowball are not complete they other hot and frozen environments mentioned from asteroid but means magneto chicken wearing snowballs.

@InterAction_studios Absolver Beam seems to still use the sounds of levels above the ship’s weapon limit after picking up an atom (in this video, it is :zap:9 at 0:10, :zap:10 at 0:55 and :zap:11 at 2:14 and my spaceship is H&C 101):

P.S: have checked again through headphones and confirmed :zap:10 and :zap:11, but not sure if :zap:8+1 using the sound of :zap:9.

That’s noticeable.
:zap:9 and :zap:10 Absolver seem to override their sfx on ships with lower power limit
at :zap:11 and higher it’s back to :zap:8

Fixed in v.138 :medal_sports: Bug


Can you reward it after the new version is released to the LIVE server? I had changed both my name and email before BETA was released and it seems I can only use my old name and email in BETA.

just msg him your current callsign and he will do

My current callsign is the same as my name in this forum

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do the yolk star easter, please? (no medal)