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It still seems a bit of a random justification but I also mentioned this once at the bottom of my post here:

According to @Kylo-Hen in one of the post’s replies, it wouldn’t make sense for people new to CiU that U.C.O. 4 specifically shows up in Meteor Storm unless they have the context from the episodes, but maybe it would work better if all types of U.C.O. could show up instead? Which is why that’s seen in my post now.


Does it appears in weekly challenge too?

How it works?

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It prevents them from using cheat engine

I think so.

It’s related to a few issues I found if someone manages to get player ID numbers


So does the Bossa Nova,Henlley’s Comet, and Feather Brain Bosses still appearing in those missions?

Yes, but these bosses will create diversity.

Yes, but by 50%, for example at Supernova missions “Shoot the Core” appears by 50% and “Bossa Nova” appears by 50%. The same goes for the rest.

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Can you add tournament win / loss stats to stats? @InterAction_studios

For some reason I still hear the Ready-shot of Lazer gun.

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what about “on the radar” wave?

It’s not as narrow as those.

The 4 UCOs follow an easy->difficulty progression (so 4 is the hardest). I think the rest aren’t hard enough to be equivalent to Magnetic Manipulator. Recall that Meteor missions have a minimum tier requirement (10) so they’re not supposed to be available to newcomers.


Improvements to the anti-cheat protections are purposefully vague.


At 34:28? I don’t hear anything wrong (also, unsure what you mean by “Ready-shot” and “Lazer gun”)

The central area is not sufficiently large to cause problems. Just wait a few seconds and balloons will drop out the other end.


He meant the charge-up sound. And I can hear it too

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You mean that the Laser Gun charge-up sound did not stop when the Laser Gun was destroyed?
Acknowledged, but won’t fix (the sound doesn’t play for sufficiently long to warrant the effort).


I noticed something in UHF league when I dared someone in boss rush I noticed that UCO boss repeated 2 times (same kind of UCO) so is this normal?


Why do normal barriers have a chance to have key, unlike egg barriers aren’t? I always see this on Heavy Metal and Shoot The Core waves.
e.g. In harder difficulty on Heavy Metal wave, only Chick Guns have chance to have keys, but in easier difficulty, barriers can also have keys.




Normal. Something more weird happened to me. I met Show’em who’s boss 2 times and each time has 4 chickens.

I asked iA before but idr what he said. Hold on I’ll search for it.

EDIT: He was inactive a lot backthen that he didn’t notice it I think.

iA can you add this:

Check the poll in the post too, mostly agree.

Also could the viewed background stay even when clicking another slot or “Fly mission” button:


When there’s a lightning at the end of a wave it sometimes mutes the “Medal Awarded” sound.

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Ur just lucky mah boi