CIU version 143 BETA

Droid raids utilise random food.

Increased social media activity on major platforms (Instagram, X, TikTok, etc) where CI currently has (almost) no presence. I’m also thinking of renaming the YouTube channel (or alternatively possibly open a dedicated CI one, I’m not sure which would be better).


Fixed in v.143.3 :medal_sports: Bug


You will still see the actual outcome. But if you go to the Information Overlay and turn on “Missions Completed” (or if you look at the “Missions won” stat in your Profile screen, it will be counted there.

Fixed in v.143.3 :medal_sports: Bug



BETA server is off-line.


well this is the first intersting wave heh

But did you make sure that all case can be recognized as an epic wave? I just hope that there will be no “boring” epic wave in the future when i see them on Youtube.


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i suppose the idea of a dedicated channel for highlights will be better to avoid dilution, while the current channel can be used for changelogs or funny miscellaneous content like that one chick video


I propose that the YouTube channel should upload short-form content for highlights, because that will definitely hook some.

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v.143 Advance Preview

The official release is very close now, and to (hopefully) catch any last-minute problems, I am providing advance preview builds of the stand-alone and Android versions of the game.

:warning: Before you install them, however, read through the following notes:

  • These are the final builds (exactly the same as will eventually become public), however until the new version is officially released, they will still connect to the BETA server. This means that any progress you make using these versions will eventually be lost.

  • They will overwrite any existing previous version installation you have.

  • If you install them but then wish to go back to playing ‘officially’, you must re-install the previous version on top.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues.


Android (32-bit):


The server kicks me out when I try to access the league. I’m not in the league, in case it’s of any help.

I Got Idea
Maybe we need add number of Player Online and Offline and Banned
Like that


It’s Edited


Unnecessary, especially the number of banned players.

Why needing that feature when we already have the Contacts button to see which contacts are online or offline? The Contacts button is already enough.

Also, the banned players are technically offline players as well since they can’t join due to being banned.


That was because everyone on the BETA server has left the league due to inactivity. Try again now.


BECAUSE they closed the beta I always wanted to play ci5

Okay, it’s fixed now. Thanks!

We don’t need it, except the banned player.

At least iA can add something to “Contact” theme, like anyone who got banned will be marked by someways. Or if we want to add someone in contact, there must has a small box said that “This player has been banned”, which means that we can’t add a banned player as a new friend in game



BETA server will be off-line for 10 minutes while I fix a bug.


A silly thing but when I logged in the new version I noticed that I have lost alot of progress i have made since the last month or something I lost my medals,I lost my new ships,and I even spawned on the same planet I was a month ago.
Is this a problem?
is this okay?
does it usually happen?
note: I am not a very old player its been only 1.5 months
since I rejoined the chicken invaders community and the account I currently use is not very old so please tell me if this is a misunderstanding.

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Oh thanks got it :+1: