CIU version 144


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Strange, but it’s fine in it.

Sigh IA… What if you could make a video of cup knockout match on final round, is it relate to the Competitive or not?

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Cup quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals are all planned to appear.


This idea is a collab between me and @X676X, I hope you enjoy.

Okay, so, how this works is when you open up CIU and you see the InterAction logo it will be on screen for a few seconds and then you will zoom into the A in InterAction, then the screen will fade to black and then you will zoom out of the teal center of the galaxy under where is says “Chicken Invaders Universe.” After that, you can do whatever you normally do, credit to @X676X for creating the zooming into the A hole in InterAction, vote down below what you think.

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@Star_Light and @AstralSpaceship how is it bad?

I can get why this is done, so that some GEN recordings won’t be “spoiled” when IA publishes them. Though, that also implies that people who join at the start of a MP session might not be recorded.

I know IA publishes a few custom MP sessions on YT, with stuff a normal player can’t do. However, some people do have the hardware can host pretty effortlessly. If it’s possible, the GEN coding can/should allow MP sessions to record a mission if the player joins in at the start (like as soon as the MP session is published) or within the first level.


The only thing I could think of to make these videos better are audience noises (cheer, gasp, etc when something happens)


Are you talking about the sound effects from the video editing?

sfx will be good, but too many will disrupt the experience of viewers

I have a question for iA, what happens if a player pauses in the middle of the wave or gets disconnected/disqualified? will the game still gonna record everything and save it to the server database?

It’s just a question that made me a bit confused

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The pause is cut out of the video.

That doesn’t affect anything. The video only contains full waves.

In this case the video is not eligible to be posted.


Just saw today’s video and should defeating Superchick/Henperor during Multiplicity/Exponentiality be counted as an acknowledgment? Feels kinda weird seeing the segment ending mid-battle.


Eh, it’s borderline. The same thing happens when the 1st phase of the Yolk-Star is defeated.

Still, I’ve removed Multiplicity/Exponentiality from the list of candidate waves.

Now the actual final scores are shown before the winner is decided (will take effect on tomorrow’s videos) :medal_sports: Bug


What about Egg Cannonade? I took a look at some of the recent highlights and I saw “Victory!” appear once the first section of Cannonade is defeated.


Hi guys, so here’s another idea I have, it’s called The Henpire, okay, so, how this thing works is basically, we take the Planetary Egg City and super size it to just a little under twice the size of Earth, then we take the Egg Cannon and stick it on the front of the Egg City, then we take the Henterprise and put it on top of the Egg Cannon while still connecting to the Egg City, and then we take the Yolk-Star and put it on top of the Henterprise. Now, it’s attacks would be the Egg City, Egg Cannon, Yolk-Star, and Henterpise, and then we can take chicken bosses and have them fly out of the Egg City just like the chicks do. There would be a lot more attacks but I’m not going to name them right now. But for the best part, the music would be special, we take the Yolk-Star theme, the Egg Cannon theme, and take the Henterprise theme and combine then into one, like mixing them together, and taking parts and putting them one after the other. (I’m going to find an app I can use to mix music and then I will try to post a sample of how I think it sound) And also, this would be the final boss EVER! It would give at least 65 keys for defeating it. And when it slowly comes onto the screen it would say, “The Great! The Ultimate! The Grand Finale! THE HENPIRE!”

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Right, removed.

As a reminder, highlights are chosen algorithmically and videos are edited automatically, so if you notice any weird/boring reels, please let me know.


im not sure today but i was playing in egg cannon wave after i got 40 % and red lazers shot we know that a music play but i didnt hear lazers sound until that song done

This is me, but overusing specials doesn’t really scream skill (this is referencing a player using Mines against Thundercluck on the 4/17 Highlight #1). I’d say the same thing for a player using DPO in Comets (4/17 Highlight #3), but I could give that a pass because they could be doing that to get points.


my name is Gold Rusher Right now but i might change it.

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