Early Access version 41

Sometimes Special Forces shoots grenades right after launching the knives, not moving.Please explain

Perhaps the random location it chose to move to between attacks was extremely close to its existing location?

No,It completely stood still (sorry, no videos).

Perhaps the random location it chose to move to between attacks was exactly the same as its existing location? :slight_smile:

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Actually, @MoonKnight is right - it’s repeatable and will consistently do it with every second grenade toss.

Ah, ok. Sorry, this has been fixed as part of (it had the same underlying cause):


Medals have now been awarded.


I found this interesting: Coward chickens when it get near a the spacecraft when it’s a terminator, it ‘dances’ weirdly. Just fight a Yolk-Star and see

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I know :joy:

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I’ve just had a realization.

The full, proper name of this wave is not “The Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannonade”

It is:

The Vitelline Molecular Propulsor Propulsor Propulsor Propulsion

This makes me feel happy.


I have this idea: can the Gatling Guns of Chicken Exponentiality move back and forth?(may refuse if you want, because this is a personal opinion)(sorry for my bad English)

It should be moving, if you want to make the wave harder and stuff


I have an idea. After the death of the first boss , spacecraft returned to normal. Shoot to the top of the screen

Shoot to the top of the screen. not left and right.


Exponentiality wave: Spacecraft now points upwards again after Henperor is destroyed (@Alucard :medal_sports: Bug)

so if they don’t move,it’ll very boring.

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Already fixed


I think Chicken Exponentiality wave should have CI5 boss theme instead of CI4 boss theme



But I also wanted to talk about the new Egg Cannon Cannon… Cannon? Boss. I honestly thought it was a joke when IA included that in his changelog, but after seeing him in-game I quickly learned it wasn’t and I was crushed to dust by it a bazillion times. That boss is way too difficult and I agree with other people who said the game might be crossing the line in terms of difficulty, especially with the metal egg’s hexadirectional laser attack. That makes the fight almost unplayable because I feel the need to hide to the sides, since going under the egg is risky and could result in une mort cruelle. Maybe we should tone down the difficulty of certain bosses instead of making them harder and harder and harder.

Call me a noob, but I always play elite missions on SSH and I’ve never had a problem with them, save for when I was in a Chicken Roulette with nothing but cowards and Chick-Gatling Guns (if that was the right name)… especially with a bomber. “Use special weapons” - well, if I’m forced to buy special weapons to handle hard gameplay, isn’t that really a sign that the gameplay might be a little too hard instead? Besides special weapons are really expensive.

As for the Chicken Exponentiality boss, I like it quite a lot. It’s challenging, but not way too difficult. It definitely made Boss Rushes more interesting, and I’m glad Assassin Chicks now appear more often in the game.


I agree with you at the fact the Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon is too hard, especially at phase two with the medium size egg cannon, the orange lasers give limited movement for the player and it’s a bomber destroyer if we don’t use Maneuvering Jets and Eggular Repulsor

I don’t think Egg … Cannonade even deserves to be in the game, or at least not worth 200,000 points for each phase (3 phases in total). Its attack is too ugly and messy (the lasers are good but it should be in the original Egg Cannon though).


What about the Mysterious ship? Ok, I have no problem with the lasers. But with what mind, this thing have such a huge speed? With over 4 lasers this boss is almost imposible to predict or avoid without super weapons, because of his fast speed. Can you reduce his speed a little bit IA? This isnt hard, this is sadistic.