Early Access version 46

I want to point out how some wave formations force Berserk Chicks to stay upright after being activated.
It’s even possible to get both rotating and upright-only Berserk Chicks at once (this was Soft in the Middle).

This also applies to Assassin Chicks.


Workaround: Simply obtain all the medals.

I probably don’t need to clarify this, but I’m joking.


Neither way is 100% correct. But I prefer it how it is.

Fixed in v.47 :medal_sports: Bug


The Barbequer Cant hurt yolk star if it touch the ‘‘laser canons’’ (i think it is supposed to pierce, or not?)

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Regarding this, I’m suggesting a new equipment (like the progress meter) that makes waves and boss paths invert laterally instead and/or alongside with mirrored version of waves.

Are you sure you want to add this? The randomness is what makes the fun and difficulty of Yolk-Star, Henterprise, U.C.O., Mysterious Ship and many other bosses.


But it can also give certain players an unfair advantage against others on challenges.

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So, @InterAction_studios, I have a couple of ideas

  1. In Squawk Block waves, chickens always start by heading to the right, then going down, and head to the left, can you give them a chance (50%) to start by heading to the right, and so on? (this is like the “The Invasion Begins!” stages, where the chickens fly in one direction and in the next wave, they fly conversely.
  1. Waves in Retro missions that are longer than 10 waves should have different wave names on the waves 11, 12, and if there are, 14 and 15, as an example, “Invader Race” for Invader Crossing or “Invader Gathering” for Invaders Fly-By

I had no ability to run the game before so I didn’t notice it: there is only Bug Exterminator in my notifications.


Sometimes IA forgets to give such medals. It must be out of burnout or something of a similar nature.

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No. Barbequers only hit the frontmost enemy, even if the flames look like they go through stuff. It can only pierce bubbles.


does using any special weapon [ not including missiles,mines,shockwave capacitors]
fail the space race ?

Do they? I thought the effect was juſt weaker the farther back you went.

My explanation would be that the outboard barbequers in the image are to far back to damage the Yolk Star™ itſelf.

Not neceſſarily, but the time penalty ſtill applies. I don’t think anything except dyïng actuälly makes you fail the miſſion.

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Yes, that is true, on top of not dealing damage to any enemy behind the front-most one.


how about making enemy projectiles show up above the HUD elements and your satellites ?

Also, can you add a liiittle equipment perk to keys if you equip the Moron Railgun and keep it for the rest of the mission?

No, it’s not. The flame carries on, but only the first/nearest target actually takes any damage.

“Inverting laterally” is the same as mirroring. Do you mean “inverting vertically” (a.k.a. flipping)? In any case, all waves where this would make a significant difference already offer this. I don’t want to go edit 100+ waves just to add vertical flipping, especially since that’s significantly more disorienting.

The Yolk-Star doesn’t move (if you’re talking about the ray-guns, these still move randomly. As for the rest, it’s only fixed per-mission (so all players see the same movement on a particular mission). If you encounter it on a different mission, then the movement will also be different.

Intentional, because it means you always know which way they go during your last chance to kill them.

Waves can’t have different names depending on their placement in the mission.

Sorry – will award during the next update.


Well, there’s currently no “weapon virtuosity” for keys support, but I’ve added a +25% score boost. It’ll might need to be reduced, but let’s see how much it affects things first.

:medal_sports: Idea


Maybe you could add it too, then, or if you want, I can go make a poll.


this goes in Known bugs & new features


I’d rather not encourage people to have a miserable time just to farm keys. But a poll might shed some more light.