Early Access version 109

I did, but some didn’t get convinced so I was forced to use this way to explain why a thing should be fixed with a thing and why a thing should be changed with a thing. With full details and reasons.

I am not that Excellent in English but will try to fix that.

Make a TLDR
(Too Long Don’t Read. Aka make a much shorter version with only the main point you want to make, there)




This gonna be a dumb question but… when the next version will released? I see a lot of :new: icons right now and its probally gonna “bugging” when there’s too many feature and bug fixed.


@InterAction_studios Someone and myself suggested this previously:

But you denied it…

Should asteroids that Magnetic Manipulator uses in its “storm” attack be the same as other ones:
  • Yeah, it wouldn’t be confusing to me.
  • No, it would be confusing.
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Also should image have a chance to replace Festers at “Ribbit!” Wave? The ones on the top:

  • I agree.
  • Nah.
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Absolutely. I think they should be modulated to have the same color as the lighting strike the boss emits when summoning them.


Boss attacks and asteroids can kill the player, right ?

The color doesn’t same although it is not transparent .

all objectives can kill you with 1 hit

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I edited it .

2 Suggestions:

  1. In “Show 'em who’s boss” boss wave, How about when a chicken gets killed it’s allies receive a speed boostn like how it is done in Brother reunited or twice infinity? But since there many variations of this I will try the balance the boosts between them.
TL;DR mechanics

2 Chickens: The killed chicken gives 50% speed boost to the other.
3 Chickens: The killed chicken gives 33.3% speed
boost to the others.
4 Chickens: The killed chicken gives 25% speed boost to the others. (This applies to Chicken Multiplicity too)
5 Chickens: The killed chicken gives 20% speed boost to the others.
6 Chickens (dunno if it exists): the killed chicken gives 16.6% speed boost to others.

Here is a poll if anyone agrees because I know it will be asked…

Are you interested in this idea?

  • Yes
  • No

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  1. In higher difficulties of it’s party time boss, how about it uses it’s projectiles charge every 5 seconds? (That charge it does when it gets mid screen and throw several projectiles at the same time everywhere.)
    The boss sounds easy right now with just throwing slow projectiles everywhere.

prepare to get roamed by 5 chickens all at once, for free


Whats the point of reverting back to its normal changes to this boss when its too confusing while fighting it?

I kinda regret asking alien enemies to be replaced by fester chickens in Divide and Conquer.

It would end up ppl suggesting:
Can the alien enemies in Shoot and Scoot/Loot, Nasty Surprise, etc. be replaced by Festers?


God no please, this will be a total pain to destroy and even behind crazy amounts of indestructible barriers, I would agree on this if those crazy amounts of indestructible barriers are removed.

This would be just Hillarious, because alien UFOs have their waves (Shoot and Scoot/Loot) And Festers have their waves (Saucer/Mars Attacks!)
Besides Nasty Surprise with Alien UFOs is totally harder than one with Fester, so I don’t think that would be necessary.

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iA can you give Festers that appear at Mars Attack! Bullet Rain and Ribbit! Waves a different color(their body, LED and projectiles)? So they be separated from regular ones.

Why? They are the same thing.

Because those shoot way more I guess.

I don’t think that would make much difference, It’s because whatever colour they will be they still have the same logic of how to fire, Besides Each of them exists in different waves.

This is the result of your game not being properly saved on the server. I don’t understand the circumstances under which this can happen, but I’ll look into it.

Medal shared

Ugh, fine. Changed in v.110 :medal_sports: Idea

I see what you mean now. Changed in v.110 :medal_sports: Idea

:warning: Note that after this change, selecting one of the “basic” colors will result in much more vibrant theme (which may or may not be what some people want). To restore the old appearance, use “Advanced color selection…” and set brightness to 80% and saturation to 75%