Early Access version 118

The long-awaited day has happened!

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That said I haven’t seen a darkness level in the sun yet.

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It used to be a thing on old versions. Now it’s hardcoded to never happen

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They no longer exist.

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Since 2 weeks ago is late to update 119v when IA is said:

So August is gone


how come im credited for quests


I guess quest idea is combined with your rank idea.


wonder how many ranks there are


You make us proud, Admiral Lunarian!

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In CI3, Utensil Poker used to be strong against UCOs and the Sweater Chicken. However, in CIU, that is no longer the case. (that is, it’s not weak nor strong against them) May I know why is that? I think there’s an answer for this one, but I can’t search it right now.

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Poll it?

Nah, I think not.

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Regarding the default reset, I see only the colors, density, paintjob,… can be reset. But the “name your spacescraft” part does not affect the reset.


There should be a 100%-200% base key bonus on Comet Chase.
Reason being: If you use some items in this mission (which can be vital to get out of situations where the comets forms a “U shape of death” around your spacecraft - you’d either use your Lives or other items to get out of that one)

Played a Comet Chase recently. When I calculated my keys used for that, I lost 5 keys.
The bad part is, The items I used were on Shady Dealer sales, so the price got reduced by 45%, that’s why I only lost 5 keys. I would’ve lost 44 keys if I used Galactic Store counterparts of those items.

The comets tend to form an “U shape of death”, which can’t really be predicted since you’re basically seeing that U from the top down, and no one can suspect the 2 random pieces of comets to be the start of that death sentence (it’s random, how can you tell). You’d lose at least 4 keys per level, while doing an easy-mid mission per level only gives you 2.
(Yes, this was an easy-mid mission, only about 50% difficulty)


No, you should be using a ship to take advantage of most of its attributes, or, whatever, be it one of the effective choices
so your suggestion is essentially making VF76 worse than VF66?, apart from the darkness resistance which works occasionally and the darkness itself is not even everybody’s pain in the ass.
not sure if satellite amount helps, because that doesnt matter much if you’re got the maxed amount of them or none of them, just my thoughts

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The effective choice is: Choose the best spaceship for a mission have environment. Following my opinion which told you before, that will be a perfect balancing for VF family. If i suggested to bring 10 limited powers back to both 3 VFs and also keep their resistance, so that’s mean VF76 is the best spaceship of VF family?? Unbalance! If you want to shoot the enemies better, you can choose VF66. Beside, if a Darkness mission has Hot Environment, seeing everything in the dark screen is the best thing, the remaining is depended on you skill issue.

It’s on my list, but low-priority.



I’m using your rank idea as part of the quests

No, that would make them too similar to their “Twice Infinity” appearance.

I’ll look at this after the update. (Would resetting the name as well even be desirable, though?)



The v.119 update will be postponed due to the Galactic Cup finals taking place today.

The update will be performed once both players have flown the final mission.


Added to v.120 :medal_sports: Idea