CIU version 139 BETA

Check the changelog.

their hint has “better performance” in them for a reason…

Yes, I know I made two separate replies, which I normally would try to avoid, but I thought it’d be awkward to reply to someone, and then quote someone else unrelated to it. This was also kind of an afterthought anyway, so yeah.

9 people? Really? That isn’t convince enough to be added. The old CI2 Music Theme itself doesn’t fit with modern style of CIU, so no.

You can always turn on 2002 Mode (idk if it still work), or do the modding job.

Unless it is the best idea that more than your “9 people” agree, then yes. Else, no. And don’t be a medal hunger. :woman_shrugging:


“However, once the egg ship is destroyed, the chicken inside doesn’t survive.”

From Chicken Invaders Wiki

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everyone knows the wiki is outdated and no one attempted to edit that

Is it me Nope, that’s not just me.
There’s no v139.5 indicator in Known bugs & new features.

Expected. The server kicked me because of having more than 12 stage medals. Nice anti-cheat.

Medal shared

I don’t understand what you mean.

It’s a bug. Fixed in v.139.5 :medal_sports: Bug

I think my reasoning was that rarer engines would be more efficient (hence consume less reactor power). Mass works the same way – rarer engines weigh less.

… but I think this unnecessarily complicates things when it comes to balancing. Changed in v.139.5 :medal_sports: Idea

Alright, I’ve made a pass and changed several values. Updated file here:


I probably guess what he meant was about take a number/enemy queue wave.
As in CIU, Take A Number has full eggs, Enemy Queue doesn’t have any, but in CI4U is different, both 2 waves doesn’t have any eggs comes out.

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Yes, because CI4U is faithful to the original CI4.


Why does electrostatic ion thruster have negative values for reactor power produced there? Also I find it weird that it uses up more reactor power than the next thruster (pulsed-inductive)

Ugh, I must have mis-clicked in the editor.

Fixed in v.139.5 :medal_sports: Bug

Updated file:



v.139.5 is now available.

:warning: CI5 data files have been removed from this version, so if you start flying the CI5 mission using v.139.4 and you upgrade to v.139.5 while you’re still mid-mission, your game will crash. Make sure you finish flying CI5U before upgrading.

:arrow_down: Download the BETA from:



When I use Damage Amplifiers, Hen Solo’s weapons also get boosted when it shouldn’t.

Should Hen Solo’s ship recoil when he fires?
  • Yes
  • No
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Should CI4U and the upcoming CI3U use the text fading animations from their respective original versions?
  • Yes
  • No
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then how chick survive the explosion of the gatling gun?

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he’s lucky i guess, even though he survives it everytime, he has blast protection IV


Unlike armored chicken, which is completely sealed thus the chicken inside cannot escape fast enough from explosion, chick has a relatively easy escape when Gatling starts exploding from the barrels.
I hope this makes sense.

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well sorry the original waves in ci4u same about take a number and enemy queue on original ci4.

and so nerf

barriers can upgrade 20x health or else indestructible (Because amplifiers extra score that 10x on health to possible of medal no specials).

so forgot this can you sphere barrier in original ci4u.

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@InterAction_studios, will CI5 come back to CIU?

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