Early Access version 99

how about option (Restart the mission)?

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I mean instead of going out completely from the mission it’s in a simple acronym

Imagine forgot to change the weapon.

what you mean?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I mean something like this in the first wave

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@InterAction_studios, could you implement this for the loadMode too?


This is a picture of the Daily Challenge leaderboard, but I’m making a general suggestion for all “event” type leaderboards. Could we have our own score shown beneath 10th place, if we didn’t qualify for an actual spot? It would be nice to know how we did in comparison to the top players, so we know how close (or far off) we were from placing.

If I’m not mistaken, something similar is done for the Anniversary mission, though I may be misremembering.


Pretty good idea except that it’s been suggested at least two times already:

That example isn’t even the first suggestion, unfortunately, I’m having trouble finding the actual first suggestion.


This part is i think, the only part that does this

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it also does that in the anniversary leaderboard

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I did suggest the same thing but I only mentioned weekly challenge though.

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I think UFOs shouldn’t ever rotate…

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for entering characters on a controller:

I’d like to suggest positioning the buttons to be more like what you’ll see on a keyboard.

I also find alphabetically and numerically ordered buttons quite odd.

I’d also like to suggest making it so that holding down the “accept” button on controllers and keyboards assigns that selected item to the other slots you select. Or at least some way to make assigning items a lot faster for a keyboard and controller.


nah it looks funni

the keyboard should be QWERTY to type easier on touchscreen



An extra:

If that “QWERTY” does get accepted for both touchscreen and controller, perhaps there could be a button that toggles between caps, and numbers with symbols together

Fixed in v.100 :medal_sports: Bug

Known. There is only one gravity in the wave, and it is controlled by host.

These types of lingering stale effects occur in various places. They’re more trouble to fix than they’re worth.

The “connected to” message is shown in your own language, but “player joined” is shown in the host’s language. Essentially the same as Early Access version 99 - #336 by KnockoffFeline .

I can’t do that. Besides, you’'ve already bought it, so you know what it says :wink:

Hmm, no. If I remove them from this wave, I’d have to remove them from all waves in which bubbles appear.

This would require changes to code (which the Christmas content does not do)

Sadly, no. I’d have to make loadMode part of the UI before I can upgrade it.

Sadly these are “mass messages”, which means the same message goes out to all players, so it can’t possibly have player-specific information in it.

I tried that (for v.97? v.98?) but I can’t fit both lowercase and uppercase letters in a QWERTY layout on the screen. (besides, not all layouts are QWERTY)

This is only meant for bare-bone text entry.

I’d really rather avoid creating my own on-screen keyboard. It will just prompt bugs like “the key layout doesn’t match my language” or “I can’t switch between English and my language”


maybe make it black & white like the selected item in the shop

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