Early Access version 85.3

I did! In recent days, I could play and decline, but I can’t no longer.

Ok nevermind.
Also IA, when you use Absolver Beam fully charged on the 2 additional lasers, they disappear and the sound of the lasers stop.
Here is a video to understand.

“Anomaly” zone is not marked in the wave “The Fortress” while the “Safe Zone” is marked

Absolver destroys all projectiles, including lasers if you shoot to their start point, and even suns from henterprise.


Well what about the sound? I said the sound of the lasers stopped even if they were still spinning.

Probably a bug related to sound channels and the fact that it plays more than one laser sound at once. This should be fixed with 86.1 I think.

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I don’t mean about the loud sound of the lasers, I mean that the sound stops if the 2 lasers disappeared by Absolver Beam.

And I mean that 3rd laser sound doesn’t play at all from the start because not enough sound channels (probably). That’s why you don’t hear it when you kill other two.

You mean friendly matches, right?


IA, can you make something like auto-reset league after a year, because I’m almost feeling that people will become undareable next.
Meanwhile, many pages show recruits that cannot be dared.


hey @InterAction_studios it is possible to move the mission section in the main screen!!

You can open the pilot icon by pressing “1” on your keyboard and select missions quickly. That takes less than a second.

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If I play incoming friendly dare, it shouldn’t be able to decline other dare. Because. Why can everyone decline my dare after playing someone’s incoming friendly dare and surrender this? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Will be fixed:

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@InterAction_studios The server time doesn’t show everyone’s date correctly according to their time and timezone
Here are some examples
Here’s a guest that was just created, however it says 9 hours
That’s when going many years later (2029)
And that’s when going to the past
real zone
And that’s when have the exact same time the server is running.

:slight_smile: yes you are right!!! I personally use a lot the section “mission” especially “to do” list…so I want 1 second less :smiling_imp: and I think that is not gone to be so bad: “have the mission section on the main screen”

It’s already crowded enough.

What is this? A broken road.

How about adding an anomaly zone here because if a player by mistake went down and didn’t destroyed the barriers and the Alien Containers?