Early Access version 111

Lol Skill Issue.

Sad. Looks like I will have to live with it.

Was it already existed?

Uh, shouldn’t this safebox be rotating instead of staying frozen?

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financial issue

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Changed in v.112 :medal_sports: Idea

That would make DT easier, and its whole point is exactly the opposite

It’s purposefully slow to encourage precise positioning at its center. Otherwise you risk getting mobbed by dropping enemies.

These are fine.

You mean apart those 3 huge danger zones already present? :roll_eyes:


No. You can clearly see the enemy types beforehand, so you should be able to anticipate the toxic cloud.

Changed in v.112 :medal_sports: Idea

Changed in v.112 :medal_sports: Idea

Fixed in v.112 :medal_sports: Bug


Love about your typo btw.

Since both “Technological Advances” and “Shoot and Scoot” wave have a simillar work, can we have a “Technological Advances” bigger zoom version like “Shoot and Loot” did?


Those 2 zones are just present to prevent the player from hitting them in the first moment of the wave, I mean of using them throughout the wave.

Also one last thing to say to ease that reverted thundercluck’s buff

also check those wave changes I noted

Do you want head of Master squawker change with this head as a matter of diversification ?
image :point_right: image

  • Yes
  • No

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Not to be mean here, but why are you so desperate for some chicken bosses to have their heads changed to something like this?

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No offense but some people will think this an abomination.


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As a wise person once said:

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Guys, how do you look at the fact that the IA channel occasionally appears update videos? Would it attract more people?

What about this?
Idea: Put the danger zone in To Infinity And Beyond on the top right or take it out.



It’s a very small ring, and putting a bomb in there would ruin the roundness of the “yolk”, so I decided to make them automatically disappear instead.

Enemies always come from the side that you’re facing, so it’s unnecessary

No. It’s obvious that enemies appear at the sides of the screen.

No. Panzers move slowly.

No. Depending on initial rotation of ‘hub’ enemies, smaller enemies can indeed go that low.

Looks fine to me.

It’s on my list, but it’s not easy to fix.

Changed in v.112 :medal_sports: Idea


Well good luck.

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Check this too.

They fire too fast.

But they move too fast towards your position.

Also an enlarging of the safe space in Pulsating Grid would be a good thing to be able to survive and fight against the surrounding chickens specially if slobs or cowards are infront of us.

Funnily enough, said elites were already banned from that wave

The point of danger zones from below is to get you to move if the most common spacecraft starting position (namely, middle of the screen, towards the bottom) is unsafe at the start of a wave. If you move at the extreme edges of the screen in any direction, then you’re in danger of getting crushed by appearing enemies. It’s not the job of the danger zone to teach you that – you must realize it yourself.

Still looks fine to me.

So dodge faster.


Not all of us have a nice promptitude. But fine.

I tried to touch sun of wave Dyson Spheres ,but I didn’t die .

It must kill the player , right ?

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