CIU version 142 BETA

Where is all episodes CI ???

And how he plays this mission how he found it

CI2U is still available in the current CIU version, which isn’t BETA. In the BETA, all CI episodes should be accessible, as IA mentioned before.

What do you mean


assume you’re using advanced preview which of course doesn’t have those CI stories anymore

because Orville still uses the beta version, not advanced preview

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Will the episodes be available in the official version or the next one: v143?

Episode remakes have been done already.
Newly-made ones are available for a limited time, and the current one in v141 is CI2U.
Those are planned to be either standalones or DLCs.

I’m seeing nothing but the same blinding blast :skull:
(Low details + Pro-gamer)

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That only affect in multiplayer

Whoops, I should’ve read the thing.
Edited posts not containing prior pings do not notify me :skull:

Also, there was no multi room to test stuff.

Host a private game and test it

Man listen me
First I use to play beta version
Second I always find all episodes CI but I don’t found it in BETA version

I’m confused at your

Just read this… And it’s only pc’s not android phones.

Try to never find episodes CI games for version official (current) cause this BETA topic only.

The Mother Hen-ship CI2 is still kept in wave 1 for each Boss Rush missions on BETA for testing it before releasing official v.142, right? I noted that all Boss Rush are back to the normal (except wave 1 for all Boss Rush, and wave 3 (randomly) ).

Also, i didn’t know that this is already existed ingame, but it’s still fine

This is only happened if our CIU game, or our community, is worse in the future, but i think it won’t happen. Please don’t notice too much what am i thinking, or what am i saying. :skull: just a joke


how unfortunatly there is no MKIII in CI4U.

and CI3U no renamed too.

why mk III in ci4u , we need to make it as original (what the heck you want)
ci3u the same

The episodes are different than a spin-off
So never

No, all Invasion and Boss Rushes are back to normal. CI2 Mother Hen-Ship has an equal chance of appearing as the other bosses. There is indeed a problem with Boss Rushes. Fixed in v.142.3 :medal_sports: Bug


BETA server is now off-line