Early Access version 57

It just for safe :\

@InterAction_studios can the music that plays when “Stage Clear” also change according to the music you selected in “Boss music” slot? Like I defeated “The Iron Chief” but I selected CI5 Boss Music, but CI4 “Stage Clear” music still plays. I want it to play CI5 “Stage Clear” music because I selected CI5 Boss Music during boss fights. So is that possible?

Wait does every boss play their same-game “Stage Clear” music? Because I noticed that “Attack of the Giant Crab” plays CI5 one. I think they shouldn’t be random. It should be according to the boss and the CI music you select in “Boss Music” slot.

Also can the Supernova wave that has “Alien Container” say:


I think these medals need to be switched:


because image looks more like image because of the chicken inside it. So it will fit more if you get image for no deaths in a single stage and image for no deaths a full mission. And image looks more like image too.

About the warning message at competitive missions: how about at Weekly Challenge the message could say the amount of end session takes left to the player to use before getting disqualified, because it gets really congusing during the mission. For example if the player didn’t use any takes it says:


If the player end session once it says: image and so on. Until the player finishes all the takes then it says (0 takes left).

Hybrid Weekly Challenge is really cool with the random replaceable stages. I think hybrid missions should have their own type where they could be played at Suns/Planets/Moons. Its duration could be from 40x10 to 80x10 for example.

When it comes to Bossa Nova battle. The left over coins from Supernova Debris still move even though the background stop moving.

Could you add Pecking Order at Chick Loop wave?

If you killed 4 Slobs you get 1000 Multikill points. Like if you killed 4 chicks. While if you killed 2 UFOs you get 1500 Multikill while Slobs are more stronger. So I think every enemy should have its own points according to its difficulty & behavior.

I’ve noticed at the mirrored variation of “Omnidirectional Onslaught” about 2-4 enemies can escape from the player and he have to move a but to get it. I think something is wrong with the player rotation. However I’ve never seen this happen at the normal variation.

Could there be a zoomed-out variation of “Out of nowhere” wave?

Does “Double Helix” have a mirrored variation?

The mirrored variation of is “Three-Ring Circus” weird:

The rotation is mirrored but the generator isn’t.

When Egg Cannonade is defeated it waits about 2 seconds to explode and the music stops. But when selecting a custom music it still plays during that time (I don’t know if that happens to other bosses to or not). So is it fixable?

Could Space Race be played once? Like Daily Missions.


I would prefer it as a separate slot instead.

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I also noticed that “Attack of the Giant Crab” plays CI5 music after defeat (yes, it was at the same mission).

Well, it’s normal, since the victory music is random, but your suggestion about changing it would be good.

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So it’s normal, huh? This is actually the first time noticing that. It shouldn’t be random in my opinion. I actually started thinking of that after:

Because the word “victory” reminds me of when the player defeats a boss.


Yes, it is.

I actually also had the same thing but i got used to it, since it seemed fun to me. I thought it was bug or something.

Same opinion as you.

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Boss rush gonna have some trouble

Well, the “Stage Clear” music will play according to the last boss. They don’t even play during boss rushes.

Eh, either way, keep it random. I prefer that in my opinion because that’s too nitpicky and iA gonna have a bad time writing the code for those victory sounds to play (maybe, I’m not a programmer).

I have an idea again
For stage musics be possible to make the stage musics different
Example : stage 1 music be CI4 VICTORY and stage 1 boss music be CI5 VILLIAN and stage 2 be 120TH ANNIVERSARY and the stage 2 boss CI4 BOSS MUSIC

I’d like to suggest making coward pain noises louder. Sometimes, they get masked by other sounds, and we fail to notice that we’ve shot a coward.


but what about riddles tho :joy:? there is gonna be many noisy sounds

They don’t spam the noise for every bullet that hits them.

That your opinion and I respect it. But can you stop with this word srsly? It’s not cool.

We have e-yes to see their wastes.

This phrase is just pathetic.

If not for the fifty or so enemies, colorful projectiles, numerous eggs, and the crap ton of collectibles flying around and the background itself, maybe. But wastes are much faster and require a reaction time of their own. I’ve said it in other topics that by all laws of maneuverability you should be able to dodge it but it definitely needs to be telegraphed better to the player.


You may have eyes to spot them yourself, but are you able to spot it in time through all the eggs, food, feathers and other stuff? Especially when you don’t even hear the guy attacking you while trying to focus on dodging other stuff.

If you’re telling me you have the reaction speed of a cheetah and the eyes of a tiger for cowards, then I’m not sure if you do elite missions on SSH.


I’m Always Play it on ssh even though the mission difficulty is elite

Not everyone can look thoroughly just to see eggs, feathers, foods and other stuff because many people only focus on a Stuff,Projectiles that are close to it


Didn’t play for more than a month and still got #1 on Hard daily first try. Damn, Plasma buff?

New PC, so much better video quality from now on


Yeah Always Been