Early Access version 105

already suggested i think

Its already like that, online is green, offline is grey

No our self like discord

its unecessary feature

Remove selling shields when you are in one of the environments
For example preventing selling a heat shield if you are orbiting or traveling to hot planet

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That’s a known bug, check Known bugs & new features


When you drag an item in the slots that doesn’t have anything left from it unequipped instead of the read pop up you can just drag it or change drag it on top of other item to switch places works with music too

For example if you only have 5 lives equipped in the slots and there is no more lives in the inventory instead of the red pop up that comes when you try to add more of it
Just drag them

I think you’ve forgot a small detail here.
(from “Medals”)

Well, it’s unecessary idea but yeah.
(from “Stats”)

also nice number. Isn’t?

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Fixed in v.106 :medal_sports: Bug


Well sometimes the pecking order numbers do not show during Multiplayer . Can you fix it @InterAction_studios


I’ve met it twice lol.
But forgot to report

because they shoot to fast so you can’t see pecking

Not yet. The chicken from wave Visitors from Another Dimension appear quite slowly and in a long time. But I couldn’t see any numbers

do you have any pictures to explain

Forgot to capture. Trust me or not, it’s up to you. I’m just trying to contribute to CIU’s content. Anyways, be careful with what you say. It may bring bad things to you. Goodbye.

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Uhhh @InterAction_studios Is this a bug? The indicators appear all at the same time, then everything goes back to normal. My ping was decent, highly doubt it’s my wifi.


Can there be an option to disable this and return it back to how it was earlier?

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Also, @InterAction_studios
Can cowards fire guano at random direction instead of targeting it to your exact spacecraft position, it kinda make sense since they aren’t looking at you, + it would make it even more challenging to doge than move right/left.
Also, can they fire more than once quickly? (In random direction.)

Because you play with random player country so high ping and lag totally normal

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I don’t think adding that option is necessary.

Indeed. High ping and lag.

Not even challenging when there are barely any coward chickens, but way too annoying when trying to speedrun hard missions full of coward chickens. Also, them possibly firing more than once is already a thing (first time, it’s aimed at the player, the other times are random shooting).

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