CIU version 139 BETA

Changed in v.139.4 :medal_sports: Idea



BETA server is off-line


So when will we see those barriers texture from CI4 Original again?

isn’t that answer addresed?
don’t have to be specific

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Idk, just… i wait for it so long.
I thought that they forgot that.

Just a little curious about this: Why those CI4 Barriers can’t become the indestructible barrier? Is there something make you hardly when you try to back-port that?

Hmmm… How about making barriers next to the Chickens in The Weakest Link destructible only?
I only talk about The Weakest Link, not The Strongest Link.
From my opinion it’s not bad to make the early games more lenient for newcomers.

kinda ironic considering the barriers are actually tougher than the chickens


In the source “CI4.dat” there is no texture type CI4 barrier without lights. As for CI5, it has two separate textures. The first is the texture of regular barrier lv.1/ lv.2/ lv.3 and double barrier lv.1/ lv.2. The second is the light bulb texture (HP) of the regular barrier and double barrier highlighted in white.

Probally at the moment, he don’t know how to make it indestructible. That’s it until CIU v51.

since some assets are being redone in the style of older games, are the standalone seasons going to look the same as the CIU implementation (except for the UI)?

They could equally be either. Indestructible is more “functionally correct” (and it IMHO creates a more interesting wave), but destructible is more faithful to CI4.

Yes. I’d like to keep differences between CI-S04 and CI4U minimal (for better maintainability).


Are you sure that you will decide to keep those destructible barriers like that?
If players have enough patient and smart, they still can destroy those barrier before ending the wave, that means i’m talking about 2 variant of “Vending Machine” wave and lucky from “Do not cross” wave, and also barrier lv1, lucky from barrier lv2/lv3 in “The Weakest/Strongest Link” wave. This enough to make the distance between each player about the score. Wasting a lot of time just for the score from those barriers?

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Halloween costumes is not complete at CI4U give other bosses Halloween Costumes

He can’t make that now although I mentioned it before too and I have had ideas for that as well in 137v update. He has to make a whole Halloween DLC for ci4 so the costumes can get in the game after that but unfortunately this can’t happen now so be happy with what he gave you.

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well I put it as an idea they can do it later

How should barriers work in CI4U?
  • Indestructible, like in CIU
  • Destructible (but with 10x health), like in the original CI4
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CI4U meaning “CI4 dlc in CIU?” Then it should use waves exactly like they are in CIU.

Your new standalone season remaster CI4? It should be faithful to the original.


Added in v.139.4 :medal_sports: Idea


I put here just in case when U.C.O. on CI3U didn’t work properly with mission difficulty (skill).
U.C.O. #1: Rookie shoots 2 Green Lasers, Veteran shoots 4, SSH shoots 6.
U.C.O. #2: Rookie shoots 16 Eggs, Veteran shoots 20, SSH shoots 24.
U.C.O. #3: Rookie shoots 12 Neutrons, Veteran shoots 16, SSH shoots 20.
U.C.O. #4: Rookie shoots 8 Eggs & Short Red Laser, Veteran shoots 10 & Medium, SSH shoots 14 & Long.

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