Early Access version 124

I’m sorry to break your idyll, but VPN.


Fair enough. I’d expect that they’d get the hint with a IP ban, but eventually they’ll realize it’s futile.

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Well he keeps protesting. I suppose it is no longer necessary and fruitful to ban him if he still continues to bypass the system. I would suggest leaving this toddler alone unless he insists to undergo account spam.

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ia i think its time to implement MAC and IP bans judging by how terribly the guest system can be abused


this say says everything

will be fixed in next version


@InterAction_studios Will the 2002 edition have 2002 and CI2 Christmas music in Christmas?

Can you remove multikill for this boss? Like it doesn’t make sense that how does a brick is a living target

VPN is a thing :confused:

Vpn exists
I think the only way is email

Idk how do the translation work but look at the bottom lane of both screenshot
(skill: tourist)

fixed it

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there is a problem in multiplayer. recently, I played a multiplayer with only my contacts allowed. I played a game with my little brother. I was on android and he was on pc. He hosted game on his computer. Only two players were allowed in the game. I joined the game but due to a network problem, I was disconnected. When I tried to join again, It said that the game is full. I went to my brother but he was only one playing. No one was playing else. But it still said that the game is full. I refreshed the game logs but still the same error. Kindly fix it.

MAC ban exists. it bans whole devices, great. try to buy a lot of phones

if you want more funny, ban whole steam accounts

Wtf :neutral_face:
How is this gonna work

CIU.exe: hey you can i see your ID
PC: ok
CIU.exe: your id: [id] is in our blacklist lol
CIU.exe: quits the game

The hardest ban that all gamers know and scared the most is HWID bans which only applied into some games (basically it will check your hardware ID and blacklist it and if you were to rejoin then the game will check your HWID and it falls in to the blacklist list then it will kick you out and to join you basically need to buy a new computer or phone)

hi iA, i bought “Burger Cuisine”, 1 key, and applied to Droid Raid mission, but nothing happen ? Am I misunderstanding something here ?

That’s the default food pack.

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what is this?