Early Access version 55.3

@InterAction_studios please read This and This :pray:

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Would like to say , people will 100% disagree becuase the weekly challenge contains 100 waves , increasing the difficulty have a higher chance to make the mission impossible to pass :\


Yeah, it’s already hard enough that Daily Mission Hard are forced to SSH.


I have a little suggsetion

Can you add in some UCO approaching : Deploying anti-probe measures waves , purple lasers shooters instead of the egg shooters ?

This one is already implemented but as sorting per-squadron instead:


k edited , sorry for that

The difference is that UCO is weak in front of plasma rifle, neutron gun and Utensil pork.
And UCHO is summoning 6 UCO’s in the fight. And it is weak in front of plasma rifle, Utensil pork, neutron gun and sometimes Absolver Beam to stop its attack.

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We used to have to play Weekly with SSH if we wanted the top scores. Are you sure it’s impossible?

(Yeah, we used to be able to choose our own skill level for the challenges. that means Weekly with SSH is a thing. That’s how people got over 100 million score on them before.)


yes abort the mission guys we have an ucho treat boss.

@InterAction_studios UCO 5 when?

I want to suggest replacing the Comet Chase and Meteor Storm wave names to Comet Pursuit and Meteor Shower at over 100% difficulty. Although there’s no variations.


Reminds me of CI2

Can we have a food droid mission for weekly challenge ???
If it doesn’t have please add this @InterAction_studios

What do you mean? Droid Raid waves appeared at this Weekly Challenge.


I doesn’t know this suggested or not but I think CIU should have a mirror wave of mery go around and I think it will be like this

Already suggested and noted by iA. Some waves that can be mirrored may have a chance at getting their flipped variants in future updates.


It’s too much hassle to do full proper mirrorring, but I’ve added “winding” randomization (so enemies go either clockwise or anticlockwise) :medal_sports: Idea


Could there be a mirrored version of “Shear Stress” wave too?

Could you also prevent Slobs from appearing at “Corridor Shooter” wave?

How about adding a customizable option (for rare Spacecrafts only) that let’s you increase its hitbox and bring it back to its original size too?

Does it count for image when the player hits objects like an Indestructible Barrier or a Portal? If it does then it would be a way to farm the medal.

Could there be a customizable option that let’s you customize the time that you get at the end of a mission to collect gifs, food, coins and keys?

Check this post too if possible.

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When will you run out of irrelevant things to suggest?

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