Early Access version 97


Yeah, but for a person like me or most people its helpless to interfere…

Maybe he has something that he could do and we couldnt yet.

nah couldnt be sure, besides he seems like a normal person

What a chad. You really bring a revolution to the game

Agree. I’m kinda curious about what Liz hide from everyone :smiley:

iA, I suggested that before:

Could you point out the context

Come on, i haven’t had an idea medal ._.
Please let me have first idea medal :((

You know iA can share it. Meaning both of us will get the medal.

Also Idk why iA haven’t noticed mine before, he replied to every other thing in the post except this one.

Hmm you know what?
Not only iA doesn’t care about anything or people who has bug which they had post or wrote in here, but also any post about idea (ex: My idea boss). So i think this is hard to suggest iA about this.
About the medal, because iA didn’t take care your bug or idea so much, so when someone like me report that idea or bug, you repeated it again, and someone would think that your stole their medal.
Well, not sure but this is just my opinion about who get or doesn’t get idea medal or bug medal.

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In v87 I mentioned this problem first, even though it’s not very clear:Early Access version 87 - #6 by MoonKnight


Maybe adding a only idea or bug topic, since this topic still has a lot of people discussing

If he didn’t see it, try again. Simple. He read here more than all of you, most people here don’t even read that much. It is easy for a human being to miss something, and accidentally give a medal to someone later. Do you even care about hundreds of reports that have been fixed in the past?


Here’s the bug that many people reported but InterAction_Studios has forgotten
I looped for 30 seconds instead of short 3 seconds

Where’s fairness?

Technical Difficulties

Positron stream sound like a car engine sound

I don’t think he ignore you, but at least be nice to other recruits please ?

Are you talking to me?

Hi. Neutron gun shooting sound reminds me of Houndeye sound from Half-Life 1.

And i want the new neutron gun shooting sound.

Can you switch old Neutron Gun shooting sound to new one? I’m confused now.