Early Access version 124

It happened since 2 days ago and then today nothing happened

Will be the anniversary message translate-able or is this out of question?

I was saying

Means it clicking on exit himself

He (@Piotrek1113) wasn’t replying to you. He was asking a question.

Oops I so sorry

Can you make all planets in the same star system(s) the HeroCam™ is rendering remain visible?

Can you make these automatically updated and calculated every frame in the client side?

Not sure how this game works, but can’t you just add a simple Boolean that checks if the amp is on or not, and with that, change the frequency?

Can you also add a simple line that spams making your own spacecraft visible all time?

Uh, some stuff here look pretty easy to be fixed, compared to other bugs.

Can you just, change where UVE initializes stuff? Or allow stuff to initialize even when the game is paused.

Do they get despawned for being outside the screen?

Isn’t the next wave already known by the game? Why can’t it just update if the counter updated correctly?

Can you change how music is played? So it doesn’t care about the host, but the client side that has the game. So if the boss isn’t there, don’t play its music. (Or by like, syncing the boss state with the host)

Idk if what I said is even useful, but Imo some of these bugs look too simple compared to other bugs which were fixed. And it’d be weird to still have these bugs from a long time ago and the game will exit early access in a few days.

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I tried both. No difference with the game fps counter. Steam one stays 165 only occasionally dropping to 160.

Seems way too overcomplicated, but I’m not qualified enough to speak at this level so I’ll assume there was no better way.

Yeah actually it never did have any bigger issues. Even with 60Hz screen the fps counter was jumping wildly below and above the set limit and V-Sync

A question about the 2002 mode: Will it stay forever, or it will be removed once the CI2 anniversary ends?

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Does thundercluck does not give you points when you damage it is intented?

You don’t get point when you damage its guitar. After the guitar, the boss will be damaged, and you will get score when you damage it at that time.

The majority wants the competitive missions to be halved

this is the final result

Does anyone know how to edit a poll?

No point. It will be removed in a few weeks anyway.

There is a reason that these are listed in the “known bugs” section: fixing them would require a disproportional amount of time and effort (regardless of how “simple” they may seem.

It will be removed. The command-line switch for the graphics might remain, however the added 30MB for music is clearly not worth it.

Awarded. Add your callsign to your forum profile so I can find it next time.

Fixed in v.125 :medal_sports: Bug

It’s the same as the preceding bug – fixed.

Changed in v.125 :medal_sports: Idea

This is the randomizer’s fault. I can only fix by changing the seed for the entire milestone (which will change all quests for that milestone)


Would it be possible to retain the CI2 chiptune music as a “Retro” track to play outside of the 2002 mode?

Speaking of this, I also have this idea but still debating if it’s necessary or not

Should competitive quest missions be “unique”?
  • Yes (the current)
  • No
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Uh … “Pulsating Grid” wave appears after “Palpitating Grid” wave in a same mission. Is this random normal? Because i know that “Palpitating Grid” wave always appear in high difficulty, while “Pulsating Grid” is easier

Is random,you can see why hardest boss appear first then easy boss

Reposting some of my very old ideas… (Sorry if spammed, because IA tolled me if there was a time to add new enemies, he will look at them but he added more than 5 enemies and bosses without even looking at them :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear: : Early Access version 103 - #708 by InterAction_studios this is the post of him telling me stuff)
New UFO Chicken ! and some changes for
the poll:

the poll:

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you just answered your own question

also, higher diff doesn’t necessarily mean that the easier variant won’t appear. it just has a lower chance