CIU version 142 BETA


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Also read this.

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So Mother Hen-Ship boss CI2 can super firerate is awful in Maximum Difficulties Super Star Hero.

add this in dt

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perhaps use “So, we meet again, egg!” as the boss subtitle

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Due to 2 these changes, is this existed to hear “CI2 Victory music” track from wave to boss in a Chicken Invasion mission? Like this:

(I want to ask everyone’s opinions here about this)

So remove it CI2 Victory Music potential mission already music boss.

It’s on potential mission music list, so it may have an equal chance of appearance.

This is exactly what I’ve been suggesting in the v.141 thread…

Can you tweak projectiles speed for the mother-hen ship to be slower? Or just slow down its re-fire rate.

Maybe we could make the subtitle vary, depending on the difficulty. I don’t know the exact initial % of difficulties that makes CI2 Mother-Hen Ship harder, but, for example, at around 20%+, it uses the “Crack that shell!” subtitle, and at around 50%+, it uses the “So, we meet again, egg!” subtitle, and at around 80%+, it uses the “Final showdown!” subtitle.

Maybe its projectiles can disappear everytime its shell is cracked.

Hereis some other suggestions for iA:

3- In CI2R, the MHS used to shoot 6 homing projectiles then 7, and so on. Can that be incorporated in CIU?

I think it should be in DTs, but without the ability to spawn chickens.

“Final showdown!” doesn’t make sense, “Crack that shell!” is probably the most plausible option here.


Is it bug?

Poll it

  • add
  • no wtf
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It’s totally dangerous to add in DT but that impossible

Will the other CI2 bosses be added to the main pool eventually? They may not be as interesting but it would be nice to have them included.

Technically, one of them (Big Chickens) is very similar to one of the CI3 bosses we already have in the CIU boss pool. The other one (Sarge Chickens), however, might indeed be a fascinating addition to that boss pool.

But what if we added Sarge Chickens to the DT boss pool? It could work for us all, right?


I recommend to add the “Bonus” wave too, cause its kinda fun to have like this wave…

Should Sarge Chicken be added in DT missions?
  • Add it.
  • Again, no.
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