Early Access version 115

93% of voters say yes

i’d say thats strongly supported enough

(The multikill countdown is not its own insight item. It’s part of the countdown insight.)

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Imo, Chicken Exponentiality’s boss music should be keep as current (CI5 Boss). I mean, its a combination boss in CI5 tho.


Assigning a mission by viewing its previous outcome and assigning from there returns an “Other side closed connection” error. Sad.

Well, it’s a CIU boss. CI4 boss theme is already used in many other fights.

Fixed in v.116 :medal_sports: Bug

Turning faster might not give you enough time to cause sufficient damage (esp. with low-power weapons)

Changed in v.116 :medal_sports: Idea

Technically, it’s a CIU boss.

Already fixed.


huh, are there will be more of them? Or just one for the CI2 20 Years Anniversary?


Also, will this be permanent? (Since it seems useful to run the game in WinXP)

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IA, you haven’t answered this part of my reply from v114 yet:

What about changing the music in Bossa Nova?

Uhh, about new boss music track, i have a small question: How about Bossa Nova, will it be assigned “Chilli Wings” like other CIU bosses?

I think Bossa Nova must be using “CIU Boss Music … or 1” theme. As for “Chilli Wings” are the chicken bosses. Magnetic Manipulator, Feather Brain, Squawk Block boss,… are all boss chickens. Henlley Comet and Bossa Nova are all unknown boss not boss chickens.

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Can I’ll Be Back use CIU Boss music like the others?
thanks emerald

Already suggested by me

One of the bosses to the music of Chilli Wings is an unknown. He is not chicken, he is UNKNOWN

It’s too early to know. It’s only a test for now.

It doesn’t help with that at all.

It’s fine, considering that the ‘paddle’ also comes straight towards you.

I guess. What I would really like to do is assign random boss music to every single boss except those which have their own specific theme (Yolk Star, Egg Cannon, Henterprise, Thundercluck), but I doubt many players would agree with that.

I’ve assigned it the “other” one (“CIU Boss Music 1”, the one used for Dr. Beaker). However, don’t call it “Dr. Beaker’s theme”, because it’s not specific to him.


The room information show there was only 1/2 player in the room but it still say that this game is full. So the number of player still reload and update again establishing route right?


The multiplayer list doesn’t update live.
Therefore if someone joined you won’t be able to enter.


I see that guy I trying join in but i can’t join in. Something wrong host him or not or set network port-Restricted

So I have been thinking on this for a while, It might be wanted for some players:
Do you guys remember the fonts from each episodes? they used to have different shapes and way of appearance, I have thought of adding them into game and be buyable in the galactic store and take effect in missions. Right now there is 4 fonts I am thinking of, They are CI2,CI3,CI4,CI5. So:

Do you want those fonts to be added into game?
  • Yes. They are good.
  • No. CIU’s is best.

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I remember this being suggested before, not too long ago.

It’d be cool tbh


IA ,Can I listen to Chilli wings and The chicken has Landed musics?

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