CIU version 137

What glitch?

because i have duplicate (you) from should that remove one


I see no point of that, bro

@InterAction_studios can you please check if the derbis around the boss are not primary enemies?

Hey IA.

Quick suggestion. What about temporarily (7 days or so) banning people that pointlessly bump their topics and closing it even if it didn’t pass 14 days? They know full well what they are doing.


Intended. The flap sound is the rubber squeak coming from the costume. Thanksgiving has no costume, hence no flap sound.

They are primary (that’s correct). But the problem was that they were marked as “affecting stats”. Changed in v.138 :medal_sports: Bug

It’s not possible for a user to manually close their topic (I don’t think). Either the topic timer expires, or I close it manually. In any case, it’s hardly ban-worthy (unless done repeatedly).


I meant that you give a ban and close their topic as a punishment.

There were such cases.

EDIT: Also while I’m at this topic. Topics opened by you manually after 14 days passed don’t have the timer on them. Like for example my versioning topic.

I’m aware. My thinking is that any topic that requires re-opening once most likely will need to be re-opened again in the future (this certainly seems to apply to your versioning topic), so I’m not too concerned about it.


Someone. Remove from Burgermeister at Chicken Invasion because has Droid Raid and Boss Rush appears!

Engrish moment (It took me a minute to interpret it properly)
Did you mean: “Remove Burgermeister from Invasion missions, keeping it Droid Raid and Boss Rush exclusive” ?

Yes. No longer from new burgermeister in Invasion Missions and at least latest missions on Droid Raid and Boss Rush.

@InterAction_studios shall CIU get multiplyer for foods? (As i mentioned before, Space Burger will give less keys, Grill Hero requires 15k foods)

Why? That just shows you suck at beating it.

No. iA says intended and keys getting space burger less keys it’s worst

and don’t listen to him at flawless boys it’s annoying creature.

Do you feel that 100% diff Droid Raid and 0% diff will gives approx same amount of foods when those missions have same waves?

One word: RNG.

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Skill issue.

I’m not sure why you need to remove them ?