Early Access version 114

This green message should be changed as “Using H&C spacecraft in this mission will earn more keys” to make it more obvious.

Number become invisible after I used transparent theme

Can you capitalize the food letter same as shield hardpoint? (no medal needed)


This rule is subject to change in the future, possibly also depending on mission slots.


Why assignment missions don’t appear in the “recent” tab after flying them like before (iirc)?

To prevent people from sitting in one place farming assignments. Even though they sit in one place and farm challenges anyway.


To Do’s and Favrouites: Can it show the amount of To Do’s and favrouites left?
EX: The max of To Do’s is 30, and you have 23, it will say on the top right 23/30, same thing for favrouites.

Um, how about the “Panzer Strike” wave, iA?


More suggestions:

  1. Remove Cowards from Hairpin Turn wave. the space there equals grand prix’s. and it’s garaunteed we will die from them because of this.
  2. Add pecking orders to Energy Fences/Red pill, Bue pill/Tower Defense/Tower of Power/Out of nowhere Waves.
  3. Make enemies sometimes appear from the left side in Sympthony No.1 in Major.
  4. Fix the Balloon chickens still falling down despite using anomalies (Like falls in the oppsite direction of an anomly pointing towards right as an example).

I thought to do’s and favourites are unlimited? I have way more than 30.

I think it’s not necessary since musical sheet is read left to right. The wave is like scrolling through the notes in the score. I have an example below:

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We can mirror that and the music tones.

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CHL users have 300 slots of both kinds

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Well, gonna make a poll, cause I can’t stop thinking about it:

Should the firepower drop, when destroying the gigantic eggshell during the Yolk-Star boss fight (but not killing the Yolk), be provided the way it used to in CI3 (when the firepower is scattered) rather than now (when the firepower is regrouped ‘‘inside the Yolk’’)? I know, it may not be too hard to grab some of it, but sometimes it’s impossible to grab all of it without dying (unless using a dimensional phase-out or, with some luck, taking the firepower from the top, center or bottom quickly (pray for the BX pilots)). Also, many players die trying to do so, all thanks to the Yolk.

  • Yes, change it.
  • No, don’t change it.

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Because you have a CHL, it increases the limit of to do’s and favrouites.


I have never seen a player dying to get all the 4 firepowers from the yolk. I neither didn’t die from collecting them. besides it’s not necessary to collect them all.

No offense. Sounds like a skill issue to me or player having bad mouse sensitivity.


What I would want to know is if taking all of them or not is random.

I think you can’t do that, especially is the Background.
Just only a button for Music, and Skill/Background/Cuisiner, let them in out side

Pretty much you don’t read a book from the reflection of a mirror, do you?

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Well actually, except for the ‘Energy Fences’ wave, those remains have Pecking Orders. For the ‘Energy Fences’ wave, it had Pecking Orders, but those have been removed since v100.

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I want to notice 1 thing in this video that: The Phoenix can attack by the fireball although they are out screen

Hope iA fix this, and also fix for Chiller too

Second, i have met Wormhole wave with a lot of Chiller, and they make me so annoying and so hard to dodge, or watching other bullets. Can iA make the snowball attacks processively rarer like Phoenix?

its probably because they havent despawned yet

enemies can be offscreen, but not despawn sometimes

for the “Tag, you’re it!” wave:

Can the anomaly zones be a little closer to the centre of the screen? Perhaps shrink them a little too, so they dont touch the barriers

It’s to help prevent sudden chicken tags as you try to rotate (and to help remove the thought that you’ll hit the barrier if you try to touch the anomaly)

don’t give me a medal for this

should the anomaly zones for said wave be adjusted
  • sure
  • nah

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