Early Access version 41

What is it ?

Wave variations now have their own distinct names

For example: Pulsating Grid will be randomly named and it can be “Great Pain” ?

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No, it just means that different variations have different names.
1st variant of chicken roulette - same
2nd variant of chicken roulette - _Wheel of fortune.

The harder one is the “Wheel of Fortune”?
That is excerpted from one of the most famous game show in the history of man

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  1. Bruh
  2. No, the different variation is Palpitating Grid
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Even after the v.40 changes?

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Sadly, yes. Even with the v40 changes, I would still rather use a mine or a missile than Poultry Payback. They’re only 1 key more expensive because the Poultry Payback requires the player to die and the Mines/ Missiles still have the advantage of not robbing you from getting the “Greatest Chicken Hunter” Medal which is worth a lot of points. In my opinion, it should have a lingering effect that damages enemies, like 1000 per second to help clear up the battlefield and it should have much bigger range.


Not sure about the lingering effect, but range definitely is the main issue here. Keep in mind that you probably won’t get extremely close to chickens just for the sake of having this do something, and crashing into stuff won’t happen often, so the explosion will just be too far from the enemies most of the time.


These has been suggested before, but I don’t know if iA put these new features on their own or inspired by players:

In the firſt example, you can ſee that the range is an iſſue.
In the ſecond example, I have dealt with that particular problem, ſo the lack of damage iſſue comes to light.

Granted, the example miſſion is nigh on the maximum difficulty (but ſadly not an all-miniboſs wave in ſight :disappointed_relieved:), but given that each poultry payback coſts as much as a ſpare life or dimenſional phaſeout, requires the player to die to have any effect, takes up a loadout ſlot, and yet ſtill isn’t capable of ſhooting down a ſaucer at point-blank range, I’m not about to ſtock up on the things. They ſhould be at leaſt as effective as a miſſile.

There is one thing I’d like to point out: theſe teſts were done with pre-v.40 exploſives. Were the changes retroäctive?

Yeah, I think I might’ve ſuggeſted a “mark all as read” button at ſome point too.

Although it occurs to me that theſe are ſuch obviöus improvements that it doeſn’t really make that much ſenſe to award a medal to the perſon who happened to ſuggeſt them firſt.

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No. How could they be? :thinking:

Anyway, I’ve doubled the range again in v.42
:medal_sports: Idea


It’s a good start but I’m afraid that it’s still not enough, as proven by Traveller’s video, the damage is also an issue, it can’t even destroy saucers at point blank range.

It should be much more powerful than a missile, because you’re not just hitting the chickens with a missile, you’re hitting them with the whole ship and the ship obviously has a bigger payload than a missile so it can equip more explosives and stuff like that.

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Those videos are at pre-v.40 half-range and half-damage. Compared to them, now range is 4x and damage is 2x

I juſt repeated the teſts with freſhly bought weapons and got the ſame reſult. I may be wrong about the earliër teſts beïng done with pre-v40 Poultry Paybacks.
For reference, I alſo detonated a few ſhockwave capacitors and diſcovered that they are actuälly ſlightly leſs uſeleſs then the paybacks at point-blank range.

Here’s some proof that they’re still underpowered even in Version 41.

Yeah, I suspect there was a misunderstanding. I see no reason why such changes wouldn’t apply to equipment bought in earlier versions.
For the record, theoretically Poultry Payback should be able to destroy UFO Chicks at absolute point blank on difficulties lower than or equal 125% (at least as far as I know).

And yeah, Shockwave Capacitors got buffed heavily not too long ago, in version 37.

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Sorry to barge in like that in the middle of your conversation, but I wanted to ask a question.

Why is Henley’s Comet weak against Ion Blaster, Vulcan Chaingun and whatever other weapons belong to this group, while normal comets aren’t? Shouldn’t both share the same properties?

Unless there’s a proper reason behind this decision, I suggest that either comets are also weaker or that Henley’s Comet is no longer weaker.

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There’s the catch.

Oh, yeah, now I remember.

For the record, it ſeems that there’s a limit to how cloſe you can ſafely ſtand to the Giant Robotic Space Crab 2.0.

You even explained in early access version 37, so keep it as it is.