Early Access version 85.3

@InterAction_studios It seems that this “suggestion” has a great deal of support. Can we have these in the game?

Nah, I tried but it cannot

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Ok, yes. The indestructible barriers were interfering. Fixed in v.86 :medal_sports: Bug

No, not easily.

I tested it and I was able to get it. It’s very hard though, because it’s all one long chain of 45 enemies, and one mistake loses the Bonus.

Ugh, confirmed. On the list to fix.

Because your contact list is not refreshing in real-time (you need to exit the screen and re-enter it)

Changed in v.86 :medal_sports: Idea

It does, but since all barriers are part of the same chain, you must not destroy any of them. This is really only practically possible if you spawn behind the barriers.

What do you mean? Don’t custom backgrounds work retro & anniversary?

Only the ending difficulty (including skill boost) matters. There is also a penalty for “short” (<50% of maximum length) missions. Score plays no part.

Known, but not worth fixing.

Well, this is the type of mistake you only make once, so… no.

Dammit, thanks.

Sadly, this is sometimes possible, due to the way the scrolling direction and zoom change abruptly.

I currently have bigger chicks to fry. Sorry.


I tried that.

They do, but I can’t use CIU’s default background at them.

Also if this is not fix, you should remove it or strike it to avoid confusion:

Can you make Pecking Order easier at “Bullet Rain” wave?

Terminators wave is boring, can you short the enemy amount to half(no medal needed)? Also make it more shorter at easy missions because less enemies appear onscreen.

It’s good that you made “Visitors From Another Dimension” faster at hard missions, please do the same at easy missions too because it’s too boring(no medal needed).

Can Magnetic Manipulator use is shield quicker in its initial appearance(or at least at high difficulties)?

If Thundercluck died while doing this attack, the sound will still continue:

Could you prevent Bossa Nova from repeating the same attack?

I flew a darkness mission with Hend Game last boss and its final explosion didn’t push darkness:

2 things:

  1. The mission was hot only, not massive so sun effect should be removed:

  2. Is it intended that backgrounds aren’t affected by darkness at dark missions in hot planets?

Why isn’t there pecking order at gatling chicks(they’re 4):

The safe zone at visitors from another dimension wave is missing the word “safe zone”, could you make it higher so we can see it?

Can you make when viewing the custom backgrounds, it show the changes too? For example if the mission was hot or retro or droid raid or darkness, the backgrounds effected, so make those effects appear even when viewing the backgrounds before flying a mission(add sun effect too if possible).

Cowards should be removed from Conveyor Belt wave, it’s hard dodging their projectiles when they’re close to you:

Can gifts that drop from Yolk-Star drop from random positions? Instead of the middle only?


Just remove pecking order from bullet rain instead. I don’t even know why it’s there.

Sorry for Multipost

What’s Galactic Cup going to be like?

It is a competition. It is like Daily challenges etc. But not Space Race.

It’s probably going to be the Euro Cup :wink:

the british are sore losers


I was rooting for them, actually

It could be added like a customization. I would like that you could change the shape of the cursor, buttons and other things. The other shapes would be some that are new and other that are from other CI games or even other IA games that are not Chicken Invaders.

I think it’s going to be like football

IA how about removing the + and - signs from the league results because," You won" or, “You lost” already indicates the amount of points you win or lose.

about the satellites it’s look wierd without a solid conection…and if I remeber well in CI4 it was allways a solid conection so I think that it should be like in the CI4…and another think if you consume a satellite and remain another one it allways should move to a solid conection!..I don’t know if someone mention about that!!!
or a better solution change the position of the satelites like this: :grinning:

:basketball: :volleyball:
:football: :rugby_football:

TheGoldenBoss128 suggested that in before (Can’t find that post, sorry)


There, thanks for informing :wink:


Ah. Well… added to v.87 :medal_sports: Idea

Not really

Acknowledged, but won’t fix.

I could, but no.

Acknowledged. This is because it’s destroyed on its own, but darkness is only pushed back when death comes from player projectiles. Won’t fix.

The sun means “hot”, not “massive”. There is no visual indication of “massive”.

Pecking order has been removed for the entire wave, because barriers were also part of it and it was a mess.

The text appears always in the center of the area. Sometimes it means that it will be outside screen. It’s ok, because the player can still recognize the zone by its dashed line and color.

Not possible

So move further away? :wink:

No. They don’t actually drop from the Yolk-Star, they drop from nowhere (like charity does).


Reset & banned.


Fixed in v.88 :medal_sports: Bug