Early Access version 40.2

Idea: What about we can compare contacts before even adding them as a contact in the contacts tab?

What about this idea? (it was from me btw.)

Please, make this beauty a thing


Sorry in advance in case I got that wrong, but please don’t give me the bug medal, I didn’t discover this bug. @Francis did.

Edit: Disregard that, I checked the changelog. Everything’s alright.


Srry but I need a advice, if I reported a possible bug, but nobody said a alternativa solution, or the Dev dont tell, what need do?

  • Do another post with the mentonied bug.
  • Wait for a reply

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In CI4,when The Alien Mothership dies, it will give us a satellite. But in CIU, it doesn’t give us satellites. I think it should give us a satellite (This is my personal opinion, just refuse if you want)

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But:Known bugs & new features
Lightning/Plasma: Texture horizontal scaling now depends on beam thickness. (@anon48763505 :medal_sports: Bug)

Wat is happening?

wrong person?

I only report plasma why do I get lightning?

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So @InterAction_studios reply my topic (i should say BUMP) that the bug will be fix, but i only report the Lightning, @anon48763505 reported the Plasma

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Then evenly divided, why is only one person rewarded?

Added Egg Cannon Cannon boss


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I know what happened, iA was replying to me not him:

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Should"Crazy Squawker" and"Master Sqawker" have Clean sweep bonus?(They can escape)

The satellite was removed because at the time Alien Mothership made it into the game, the only way to fight it was at the end of Retro missions, so the satellite was always useless. Now that we can fight it in Boss Rushes too, dropping a satellite might make sense again

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Maybe only during the Boss Rushes though, if that’s possible. :wink:

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The options you gave in your poll are extremely limiting, I wouldn’t tell you to do any of these, at least not literally. I chose the closest option to what I’d tell you - do another post. And by that I mean reply to another post with a quote from your original post. Perhaps you could try bringing it up in an Early Access version x kind of post.

Because apparently LF has the same visual glitch.


I’ve clarified this in the original topic. The bug that was fixed was a texture scaling issue, NOT the original sizing issue (which is intended). All beams (lightning/plasma/positron) are still just as large as they were before.


Weird. Could be a transparent (color-cheated) bomber. If you zoom out, do you see a green dot over it (as you see for other players)?