Early Access version 119

I remembered it incorrectly, apparently it didn’t count towards “difficulty 10%” quest.

UCO 5 was never denied. It’s just nobody here is creative enough to make it an interesting boss fight that is not a plain copy of other UCO fights.

Like this one, for example. That was interesting.


I guess you forgot about the “Per hour” one.

Okay, i didn’t notice this. Just i see some guy remind that UCO too much

oh, i didn’t notice that xd

Already fixed.

Ah yes, :bulb: and :medal_sports: Bug

Not sure if suggested before: Can there be a method to move to a specific place by inputting coordinate, planet name or missions etc? Sometimes scrolling through the galaxy map to find somewhere wanted to go to is boring and takes time.

Also, some suggestions for quests:
+) In the quest “fly mission difficulty 15%”, I flew a 1 - 8% and 7 - 15% mission with Superstar Hero skills (+ 40% = 41 - 48% and 47 - 55%) but it didn’t count. So the quest require original difficulty whole at least 15% and ignore skills? Should skills be counted?

+) Have there be quests “kill the specified number of specified enemies” yet? Like kill 100 Chick UFOs or kill 10 bosses etc. Should it be added?

I wonder whether Chicken Multiplicity / Exponentiality boss, UFO (which contains the UFO itself, the falling disk and the ejected pilot), gatling / laser gun (which contains the gun and the ejected chick), asteroid / supernova debris that splits, each is counted 1 enemy or not

Bombs, barriers, feathers etc (anything not bosses, chick(en)s, asteroids, supernova debris, comet, treasure) are not counted enemies right? Should there be quests about destroying them?

Fixed in v.119.4 (server-side) :medal_sports: Bug

I see by your mission history that you’ve played a grand total of 2 meteor storm missions, so I hardly think you’ll be affected :wink:

Known. This is the only wave where enemies don’t all spawn at the beginning, but rather progressively throughout the wave. The randomizer will have been thrown out of sync by the time the second group spawns.

For cosmetic reasons, some bullets cannot be raised (in your example, the bullets would appear in front of the Mother-Hen ship). The main aim of Pro-Gamer mode is to avoid bullets being hidden by explosions, and during boss fights there’s no danger of that.

The starting difficulty needs to be above the threshold. Weekly starts at 0%, so… I’ve already changed the wording.

Fixed in v.120 :medal_sports: Bug

Generally, no. You could move your view to a specific coordinate, but that would require UI clutter.

Hmm… Yes, I guess that wouldn’t hurt.
Changed in v.119.4 (server-side) :medal_sports: Idea

Individual enemies

3 enemies

2 enemies

Individual enemies

If they don’t count, then there’s no stat to track



Game server will be moved sometime today (Sep 8th 2022) or tomorrow. This will result in a brief period of downtime (hopefully less than 5 minutes). Will post more details nearer the time.


That wave is boring as hell and represent nothing special to be included in other missions.

It’s not in lower difficulty, in higher difficulties you just have to keep firing where higher vision will be granted to be able to dodge properly.

Wasn’t it fixed in the 3rd emergency patch? also are you sure you didn’t fly the same mission?

@InterAction_studios take a look on these.

This is very amazing!

i collected all weapons but mission success didn’t appear
although 2nd last wave was planetary egg city

As you can see, I got 56M on this mission,
But I’m not on the top 10. Bug?


now how the HECK does this mission work exactly

entering a star system doesnt work
orbiting a planet at a star system doesnt work
exploring all planets in a star system doesnt work
finding a new star system doesnt work
playing a mission in a star system doesnt work

do i have to like, sit there for 5 minutes or something?


Maybe you need to visit star systems you didn’t explore? Sounds impossible to complete if you explored the entire the galaxy.

You did an assignment, they’re not eligible for leaderboards anymore

does this answer

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People finding “Visit Starsystem” quests when they’ve explored all star systems be like:

Also, the way quests are designed is pretty flawed in my opinion.
If you got a quest you don’t want to do because it’s not fun for you, you’re effectively trapped in that rank, which means no more new quests to do, no progression, just stuck there, forever.
Here’s a solution for that:

they’re more on dedication rather than a multiple choice

after all how can you call yourself an admiral if you cant even be bothered to do what they give you


Any missions done via squadron assignments are no longer eligible for leaderboard positions.

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