CIU version 140 BETA

You mean you got charity in wave 1? Can’t replicate. Did anyone else notice this?

The screen in CIU is bigger, so it’s expected to have more free space overall. I think it’s ok if you want to escape to the sides (you’re safer there, but you can’t cause as much damage either)

A lot of special effects have changed/updated. I don’t think it’s necessary to preserve them.

Expected. The sound is part of the “tumbling” stage, which is skipped over.

Ch 1: Ion/Neutron/Laser
Ch 2: Vulcan
Ch 3: Lightning
Ch 4: Plasma
Ch 5: Utensil
Ch 6: Boron/Swarm
Ch 7: Positron/Hypergun
Ch 8: Ridder/Corn
Ch 9: Absolver

You mean add the message animation to the Galactic Store? I’m planning that. (Is CI5 and CIU animation the same? I can’t recall)

Already aware of this.

Fixed in v.140.3 :medal_sports: Bug

So I think I’ll fix the first issue by reverting the second one (i.e. CI3U will indeed have more comets than CI3)

This cutscene is very problematic because I have to re-create the boss as a small enemy, which is a lot of work. I’m aware of this, we’ll see.

Fixed in v.140.3 :medal_sports: Bug

Hmm… I don’t know what I can do to avoid that. If the chickens fly in lower, then you won’t be able to see them (which is an important element on this wave)

Fixed in v.140.3 :medal_sports: Bug

I’ve applied a linear health scale starting at 40K and increasing by 20K each chapter.

Fixed in v.140.3 :medal_sports: Bug

Added, thanks

CI2U will be a complete re-implementation. I expect this will be remade as a customization of M404.




i recall it yeah it’s means but 1 :key: as a default in ci5 message animation of galactic store or mission config.

meanwhile i beginning of waves defeat boss. But then firepower reset based 0 :zap: in first wave but this charity drop early on can tell charity drops in wave 2 (Chicken Acrobatics).

wave 1: Show em who boss
wave 2: classic invasion

every wave 2 CI3/CI4/CI5 bugs charity drop early in ci3u literacy at the same.

the text is so broken and creepy in ci4u.

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i have a feeling that the chicken in the cutscene uses older CI3 chicken body

Can you just change the size of the chicken boss and use it in the cutscene? Will this take a lot of work?

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Yup, they’re the same.
Also, CI2 doesn’t have text animation. Will you make a new one or reuse one of text animation already have?

Will the number of comets in CI3U depend on Skill?

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Yeah, it happens on harder skills like superstar hero

  1. At CI3U Christmas Seasonal wave X6 “Asteroids” except wave 16, Asteroid was is dedicated CI3-style. But wrong smoke (was Snowball’s smoke), it must revert to Snowball.
  2. Wrong boss cry sound in CI3U Easter Seasonal in “Prologue” stage when Big Bunny appearing.
  1. In CI3U cutscene, “Close-up of Earth” texture has not been chained down to eliminate the solid line at bottom of the screen.

Here is my video about the starting cutscene and wave 0/1.

I saw some problem from my video:
1- I can see the big chicken that Yolk called to attack the player are looking to the player. Well, it’s not a problem because mostly enemies look to the player while they attack us. However, if you let that big chicken in the cutscene look to player, so why that big chicken don’t have the “angry” face, just like the big chickens in-mission.
2- The “CI3 boss music” should be played when the “Show’em who’s boss” text appear, not the “Prologue” text (this have been reported by someone before but i don’t know exactly who reported this first)
3- “Charity” in wave 1. Yes, i can get it in wave 1. My video is also used as a proof for “2sN” guy who reported this before.
4- You still can play CI3U during 121 waves by starting with Lightning 10powers from wave 0 to wave 1 and upon, like my video above. Check it.

And here i have some thing to say about CI3U after the 2nd time playing (not for wave 0 and 1 anymore)
The Balloon Chickens still be fallen while they still keep its balloons, just like the CIU variant.
2- This is a suggestion for “Meteor storm” stage: Since we are playing in CI3U, not CI3 original game. That means the SSH skill is very different. Beside, the difficult of “Meteor Storm” stage in CI3U mission is actually higher, and you are using SSH Skill from CIU too. So i think those asteroids’s speed in Meteor Storm should be depended on Skill, it could be matched with the really difficult of the mission (the current speed of those asteroids in “Meteor Storm” stage from CI3U-v.140.2 will match with Veteran Skill from CIU)

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Has anyone used these buttons?

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That’s just a dumb question. If we hadn’t, how would we have known the Prologue wave screwed up this debug feature?

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Depending on Meteor Storm’s speed, it will be very difficult to dodge if it appears below. More Lava Asteroid than in normal CI3.

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Reported by @OneWingLunarian and it was allowed by iA.


In the waves of Meteor Storm (CI3U), should we add this text: “Warning: Meteor may come from any direction!”. Applies to Veteran and SSH Difficulty? :thinking:

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I was reported before you.

This post already reported by @Sammarald .

And InterAction was said:

I was reported before you too. But it still not responding yet.

I disagree on your opinion if its health in Rookie is more or the same as in SSH.

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wdym? rookie is easy, of course
have u even beated with ssh?

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try SSH
you’ll see the reason why it doesn’t need more hp


[CI3U] “Entering egg-drone minefield” Wave: I think it’s a good idea to increase the enemy’s movement speed and increase the number of enemies that appear depending on the difficulty.
Edited: The enemy’s movement speed is very slow even though I set the SSH difficulty

Too boring if we can’t kill all Egg Drone by too much health and fast move on high skill.

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The HP of the egg yolk is not high (quite low). The HP of egg yolks should be increased

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