📊 Weapon data spreadsheet

Weapons that arent used as often are contributing to a better weapon virtuosity bonus


Because I cannot check the forum well in these days

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have you ever considered taking over the universe? trying to read through some of these and am amazed. I can’t keep my pc running quickly with too many tabs open at once!!!

Huh, excuse me? That data is very obsolete for CIU. It only applies to CI3/4/5. Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

Will there be allow cheats?
Cuz i have the game on steam and it dosent work
The weapon data.
Is this a problem cuz i have it on steam?

It’s going to be fixed next update, read about how to do it for Steam here:

Pretty sure we have more important fish to fry, but can lightning fryer be buffed again?
The current DPS is pretty mediocre and worse still, the two bolts from :zap:6-10 on fighters diverge pretty considerably, making it significantly worse at killing one single enemy. Sure the main purpose of this weapon is crowd control, but even at that, its utility is rather questionable.

First of all, the two bolts should have a narrower spread, not as narrow as the dual bolts on the BX series, but still narrower than the current dual bolt system, this could be achieved by changing the spawn point of the bolts from the rear pods to the front pods.

Secondly, it needs more damage. I’m not very experienced with exact damage values so it might not be very smooth or balanced. I have noted the overreliance on the bolts for DPS instead of the base DPS which is very poor. In waves where there is unlimited time and lots of weak chickens, lightning does a pretty good job, but with a few very tanky breeds like balloon chickens, it is inadequate. Its lower power levels are disproportionately underpowered. It also doesn’t do particularly well against asteroids.
So I buffed the lower levels quite a bit, and left the max power lightning’s volley untouched since I do think max power lightning is decent enough.
A slightly higher firerate wouldn’t hurt either, not as fast as positron of course but faster than the current firerate.
Note that I might revise my lightning buff should issues arise.

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Indeed. You overbuffed low power, reduced the max power damage increase below 20% and significantly nerfed its boss DPS. I’d hardly call that an improvement.
I’d really appreciate if you at least waited until it’s time for weapon changes. Just because we’re testing stuff right now, doesn’t mean we don’t have other things to take care of first (and we haven’t even reached a consensus on everything yet).

Feel free to revise it, but also wait until we’re done with everything else. I don’t want more back-and-forth changes like with Vulcan and Utensil.


i dont know

The difficulty was 38% - 78%, with Superstar Hero (78% - 118%)

Does this spreadsheet work on current version?

Yes it does.

i need help… i put the xsl file in but nothing changes like the other videos i watch… if anyone could give a link for it EDITED i will be grateful for eternity :slight_smile:
or edit it like this video Chicken Invader Universe - Early Access v.51.1 | Weapon Fire Fast (Test) - YouTube
or this one: [Early Access] Chicken Invaders Universe | MOST SATISFYING EXPERIMENT EVER (Read the description) - YouTube

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I once again would like to remind that this thing is not for messing around “just for fun”. Its main purpose is to help those who want to improve game balance by experimenting with different weapon values.


someone pls help meeee

This is pretty much forgettable now lmfao

Well Im still use it for now.
But about the photon swarm, is still blue when It go from 0 Firepower to 20 Firepowers.

How to use weapon data spreedsheet for who don’t know how to use.

im using v 95, do i have to rename the spreadsheet to v95 for it to work?

Yes you have to rename it to the latest version to make it work.